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Coffee Dad Tweets That He Drank Coffee Out Of His Dead Son’s Skull

Coffee Skull

If Coffee Dad was an athlete, he’d say someone hacked his Twitter.

You may remember, I explored the death of Coffee Dad’s son (read related). Coffee Dad is a likely fictional character who exists on Twitter. He generally only tweets about coffee, but sometimes about the untimely death of his son.

Well on December 18th, Coffee Dad took it a step past the line. If he’s fake, the joke was pushing it. If he’s real, Coffee Dad needs help. He tweeted the following (thanks @SoundOfPhilly):

Dead son

The tweet was later deleted, but there were several reactions and manual retweets.

I feel like Coffee Dad has to cop to this, and explain or apologize.

This is so stupid.

  • The_silverback_Gorilla

    Maybe his account was hacked?

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