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Loud And Local: Listen To The Bailey Hounds Cover Danzig’s Mother

Bailey Hounds

Cover songs are a funny thing. The great ones are really great, the terrible ones are really terrible. There are many that I’d file under “really unnecessary.”

Here’s the thing though, the ones that are really great can be far more damaging to a band than doing one that’s really terrible. You can call this The Ataris Clause. The Ataris did a really great cover of “The Boys Of Summer,” that unfortunately defined them for the rest of their career, and was a weight they could never escape from. Admittedly, I don’t know if the Ataris were any good otherwise, but that’s sort of the point. It could also be called the Alien Ant Farm clause. I think Jeffrey Gaines will probably put his head through a wall if he ever has to hear someone yell “do In Your Eyes!!” at a show ever again.

That said, Limp Bizkit’s great cover of George Michael’s “Faith” never seemed to hurt them.

The Bailey Hounds are an absolutely great band, who just happen to have done two absolutely great covers. The first one, that caught fire about a year ago, was their acoustic cover of Pantera’s “Great Southern Trendkill.”

WATCH: The Bailey Hounds cover The Great Southern Trendkill

They’ve done another, which is their take on a song that will forever hold a large place in my black heart, Danzig’s “Mother.” Check it out below, then make sure you check out all the other great, original stuff from The Bailey Hounds.

Download the “Mother” cover for free, and listen to everything else they have at The Bailey Hounds website.

Check out all of their other goings on at The Bailey Hounds Facebook page.

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