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Loud And Local: Listen To New Music From Just F*ck

“Wait, what’s the band name?”

That was my initial reaction when I got an email from Mike Kelly about his new band, Just Fuck. I clicked on the link, and there it was, reaffirming the band’s decision to put the f-word in their band name.

I’ll have a conversation with Mike and the guys about this eventually, after which they’ll ignore me and proceed to print on t-shirts with the word “fuck” on them that will sell very well.

In any case, Mike was most recently in the Philly pop punk band Bright And Early. Long ago he was in a great little band called Pennington, who played live on Loud and Local when they were in high school, and were favorites of both myself and Tommy Conwell.

LISTEN: Pennington’s “Daddy’s Place”

There is just one song so far from the new band, which features Mike, brothers Max (who was in Pennington as well)  and Alex Muller, and Andrew Gleason. I dig it. In the world of categories, it certainly fits in the “pop punk” bin, but it’s more raw, and less syrupy sweet than most.

You can like Just Fuck on their Facebook page.

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