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Help Me Help Matt Mac Help Hurricane Sandy Victims

You know Matt Mac, he does all the Photoshop stuff for the site. He’s a genius.

He is also a giant who can run faster and jump higher than you. Think the real life version of the giant blue guy from Watchmen, only better at computers and more well endowed (or so he says).

ANYWAY, Matt, like the giant blue guy, is trying to save the world. In this case, he’s trying to help victims of Hurricane Sandy. And he needs YOUR help. From Matt:

A group of us donated and delivered a bunch of stuff (5 SUVs and a box truck full) last weekend to shelters in Little Egg Harbor Twp. We are doing it again for Union Beach NJ – which is 100% year round residential.
Right now, we have 2 box trucks and around 10 SUVs/pickups committed to this weekend’s effort.
For a list of what they need, how you can help, and so on and so forth, visit the following link:

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