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Please Stop Talking About Your Smartphone

No matter what kind of phone you have, chances are it’s pretty amazing.

Even the most basic cell phone in 2012 likely does more than you ever imagined it would. We are spoiled. This is Jetsons kind of stuff we’re dealing with here. Way more than you’d never need.

15 years ago, if I had suggested to you what your phone in 2012 would be able to do, and the speed at which you could do it, you’d be blown away.

So can we please all shut up about Android vs. iPhone? How did we get here?

This makes “tastes great” vs. “less filling” sound like intelligent discourse.

I’m relatively certain that both operating systems are top-notch. I’m going to guess that each one has its advantages and disadvantages. Some will prefer one, some will prefer the other. But they are not sports teams, and they are not politics. There will not be a vote determining the fate of each. There will not be a Smartphone Bowl where one is crowned champion.

Reviews are great. Conversation is great. Keep that up.

Just because each company tries to sell its services by making fun of the other, doesn’t mean you need to follow suit in your life. Coke vs. Pepsi may be the biggest brand war of all time, and I’ve never had anyone try to convince me to drink a Diet Pepsi rather than a Diet Coke (aside of course from advertising).

When I ask about a problem I’m having on an Android phone and how to fix it, please don’t tell me to fix it by getting an iPhone. I have Apple products too! I like them.

And those people who are excited about their new iPhone, please let them be excited (well ok tease them a little but still).

Please. Shut up.

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