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Get @SpikeEskin On A Smackdown Sign, Get Your Own Eulogy

WWE is filming Smackdown tonight at the Wells Fargo Center (go if you want).



Here’s the deal, I want my Twitter handle on TV, along with whatever else you think is clever.

If you’re going tonight, and you get a sign on Friday’s broadcast with my Twitter handle on it (and whatever else you want), I will write a post here on Spike Eskin dot com praising you and your awesomeness. 500 words, all about you. Crafted from my fingers.

It’s almost as if I’m giving your eulogy, but you don’t have to die.

Here are the rules:

I’ll give it to five people max (tiebreaker is sign awesomeness).

Has to have @SpikeEskin and whatever else you want.

Bonus points for Daniel Bryan, Prime Time Players, Damien Sandow or Ryback references.

It’s worth a try.

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