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Scottie Pippen Loves The End Of Lockout Party Free Boosie Shirt

This made my day. I’m going to go ahead and guess it’s going to make my week. Probably my summer.

There are members of the 1992 USA Basketball Dream Team who have been photographed with the #FreeBoosie shirt from the “End Of Lockout Party.”

Not just that, Scottie Pippen wanted to know what the hell it was.

A quick refresher, the “End Of Lockout Party,” was back in December at Chickie’s And Pete’s in South Philly. I had always promised I’d throw a party at my house when the NBA lockout ended, and it would be at my apartment. My girlfriend wouldn’t let me (she’s the smart one) have me at my place, so we (along with Pat Gallen and the Retired Beerman) had it at Chickie’s. Lots of people actually showed up, and a good time was had by all. Even Andre Iguodala showed up (for real). To learn more about the party JUST CLICK THIS LINK. To see a sweet Storify recap of the party CLICK THIS LINK. 

There was a limited edition t-shirt given away to the first 50 people that said #FreeBoosie on it. Why? Because we love Mo Speights, that’s why. They were made by Tim, who runs the excellent Philly Screen (follow @PhillyScreen).

Fast forward to this morning, when I got a tweet from a gentleman named Dan Kurish (follow him please at @DKurish, he’s a hero).

I clicked the link, expecting a joke. It was not a joke. OMG.


Chris Mullin, Dan, Scottie Pippen


Nique, Dan, The Glove

I can’t thank Dan enough. There are only 50 shirts, and one of them really made it count. I can’t believe that somehow I lost mine.

  • Billy Atkinson

    Unfortunately, mine shrunk when it made its way out of the “Not to be placed in Dryer” laundry pile.

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