Photoshop With Matt Mac: Amy Leigh Birthday Image

Happy Birthday, @AmyLeighP.

This is from @_Mattmac, at the request of @mleif.

Does anyone else think this kind of looks like a Prodigy chat room post?

Anyway, Matt’s explanation of EXACTLY what’s going on in this image.

Amy is trying to enjoy a romantic dinner with Chase Utley.

Aaaaand that’s about where the story finishes making sense.

JBo and two bikini clad ladies arrive to the party late.

Hunter Pence has his shirt off and is twirling in the air like he just doesn’t care.

A Tibetan Monk is holding on to a running Tiger’s tail.

ZWR Penguin is checking stuff out.

Howard hurt his achilles going to the bar.

A Lemur leaps from the bar to check on him (of course).

Cole Hamels is suspended from the ceiling by Olympic rings and looks at Andre Iguodala who is cheering him on.

Scott Hartnell is about to go down #HartnellDown on a cat who is screaming in terror.

Another cat is dancing in front of Howard.

Yet another cat is wearing a green frog hat. Cuz it’s a party, yo.

The coolest cat in the joint is chilling on the couch, arm casually stretched on the back.

Amy’s roommate @notinthegoodway‘s avi is peeking out from behind Amy.

Under the table is an Obama-yoda. Uh huh. That’s right.

Two kittens are begging for a piece of the birthday cupcake, held by another cat.

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