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Happy Birthday, Pantera’s “Official Live: 101 Proof”

I don’t like live albums.

I don’t like albums from the band Live either. How were they ever popular? I listen to music I liked from past decades, and they’re the only band I can’t put myself into the headspace I was in at the time that made me decided “I like this.”

But back to live albums. I always like singing along with music, and live albums make it hard to do that. They sing the songs differently, and I never think it’s as good.

That is, except for Pantera’s “Official Live: 101 Proof,” which turned 15 years old yesterday.

Somehow, this is the only live album I’ve ever heard that makes me enjoy the live version better than the studio version. It slows down “Walk,” but it sounds better this way. “5 Minutes Alone,” is better. “I’m Broken,” is better.

And not only will I remember how the songs are sung, but the things Phil Anselmo says in between the songs are worth memorizing as well. I’ll never forget Brian Quinn (then of Octane, currently of Fosterchild) leaving me voicemails repeating Anselmo’s various speeches.

Listen to the whole thing here:

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