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The Hater Comments

People are so weird.

The internet is so weird.

The ability to connect with people 24/7 is pretty neat. And I’ve got to say, the relationships and connections that I’ve been able to gain through social media, as well as the discussion about sports that I’ve been able to have, all make it worth it.

But man, there are some strange people.

He is right, I do wear a lot of v-neck sweaters and button down shirts. I do think it’s amusing that he’s classified me as gay, self-important, ┬áhaving “frat-boy” cronies, a fan of “emo” music, being a pundit, a metrosexual, and a sportswriter, living the American dream and being a hipster. It seems as if even though he thinks I’m terrible, I’m pretty diversely terrible. And I think I’m refreshing.

But for what it’s worth, I do pay for my Sixers tickets (even though I also have a credential).

Please notice the creative email addresses he has used.

  • Tooozy

    Spike, your mom must be joking with you!!!

  • Fantasource

    Looks like someone in Magnolia, NJ doesn’t like you too much.

  • DonnyMac

    Why would you put one of your 4 readers of this “blog” on the spot like this? If anything I’d praise the guy for the attention he gives you.

    • spikeeskin

      So wait. I don’t get it. Are you one of the four?

  • MichaelConroyPM

    Some day, someone will make a “” address. And on that day, I will be somebody.

  • Brandice

    We come here for the MattMac photos.

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