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What Should I Ask Sixers President Rod Thorn?

I’m sitting in for Rob Ellis on 94WIP from 6pm-7 and post-game tonight, before and after the Sixers vs. the Utah Jazz.

Around 6:45, I’ll have the chance to interview Sixers President Rod Thorn.

As you may be aware, the NBA trade deadline is less than a week away. There’s been plenty of talk about whether the Sixers should or will make a move. It’s fair to say it’s a busy time for Mr. Thorn.

Aside from the questions that everyone asks, that we either know the answer to or he won’t answer, what would you like me to ask him.

I’ll try to avoid the following:

So, do the Sixers need a superstar?

Would you trade _________?

Are you going to get Dwight Howard?

Who are you talking to about trades?

If I had an hour with the guy, I’d ask him all of those questions, hoping that he’d slip up and say something noteworthy. But since I don’t, I figure it’s not worth the time. I should just ask him things he’ll answer.

Leave your ideas in the comments.


  • Eugene Yakovlev

    should we expect some trandes from our front-office till the deadline?

  • Eugene Yakovlev

    should we expect some trades from our front-office till the deadline?

  • Steve

    Recently Thorn indicated that he didn’t think Evan Turner was an NBA point guard. Now that Doug Collins has him playing the point, what does he think about it?

  • Danroszkowski

    Was the decision from DC to start ET a directive from above? Why all of a sudden is Doug talking about the future and having to figure out if guys can play together? It’s all so un-doug collins like.

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