Shhh, It’s Ilyadelphia


I want one of the local blogs to make a shirt that says:




Is that to hard to ask?

Don’t make it too busy or gaudy or anything. I’m a simple guy.

Please make it available in American Apparel.

I would like to give full credit for “Ilyadelphia” to Stephen McDonald, who can be found on Twitter, please follow him @_spmcdonald.

  • Eskin’smom

    American Apparel is for freshly converted hipster douchebags and self-important metrosexuals. Do you want the V-neck version, Spike???

  • Spike’satwink

    I really like the lime green button up & v-neck sweater combo Spike likes to wear to impress the guys. American Apparel must help him pick up a lot of dudes. He is on the radio after all…

  • Helpingout

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