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Axl Rose Blames Everyone Else For Philly Disaster

I’ve never had a problem with Axl Rose touring with other musicians, I’ve never even really had a problem with him calling it Guns N’ Roses. Slash, Duff, Izzy, all great. But to most of us, Guns N’ Roses was about Axl Rose.

Guns N’ Roses played the Electric Factory in Philadelphia last night. By all accounts, it was a great show. I have no doubt about that. The damage that Axl Rose has done to his and the name of Guns N’ Roses is evidenced by the fact that the show didn’t sell out till the night of the show (if it sold out at all). If I had told you at any point since 1989 that Guns N’ Roses would be playing the Factory, imagining that it would take anything longer than five minutes to find 2,000 people to buy tickets would have been very difficult. But I give credit to the Electric Factory people for making the show happen.

However, Axl Rose is a disgrace. That’s why we love him, but he’s an absolute disgrace. He’s a delusional ego-maniac, who has consistently blamed everyone but himself for the disaster that Guns N’ Roses has become over the last 20 years. For the bands break-up, for over a decade and a half without a new album, for the poor sales of Chinese Democracy, for … everything. I’m not sure why I figured last night would bring anything else.

He spoke at the Factory show about the concerts he never showed up for in Philly in 2002. I was there. It was a mess. And of course, none of it was his fault.

“I already got sued for about, everything I own … f*ckin’ corporate radio and sh*t. Now we’re back on tour.

Yes, it was totally corporate radio that ruined everything Axl. The same corporate radio that played all of your records eight trillion times. The same corporate radio that promoted your concerts in 1992 when you had no business booking two shows.

“I have to shut up. I did cancel the first show, at about six in the morning. My manager told me he canceled it and then didn’t.”

Yes, I’m sure this is exactly how it happened. I’m also relatively certain you instructed your manager at about 6am every morning to cancel the evening’s concert. Either that or he was blatantly trying to cause a disaster to lose himself a bunch of money and make his client look bad.

“And then Clear Channel wanted us to f*ck up, because they wanted to end the tour. Cause they had some shit going on in Florida or something I don’t know, a whole bunch of bullshit.”

Yet another person in the chain of events who was desperate to lose money, Clear Channel. Seems like it makes sense Axl, Clear Channel wanted to book concerts across the country then have them fail. I’m sure causing riots and not showing up at the first few thrilled them as well.

“But I got really sick, it had nothing to do with fur coats and basketball games, you know. I love Philly. I came to play here a few times and I really liked it.”

Oh, good to know. You were really sick. Makes total sense why you’d wait ten years to say you were sick.

“So I said ok we’re gonna risk it, what if we can throw in a show in Philly?”

Oh wow! Thanks! You’re going to come to Philly 10 years later and throw a cocnert in Philly that everyone who wants to attend can, only if they pay $100?! You’re too kind. Really put yourself out there.

“So it’s good to be here. I want to apologize for my part of that. You know so, I’m not saying I’m innocent.

Why are you apologizing bro, all you did was get sick.

The video:

  • Mike G.

    Funny, I had no idea they were in town last night. I would have gone if I had known about it.
    I guess that’s what happens when a city does not have a rock radio station. Oh well.

  • nico kensing

    What a waste….

    of an article, if he apologized than he was partaking in blaming himself (as he should), so let it go media folks, there’s too much that has already been said, (some of it hogwash) then again some folks in the know/industry do sabatoge folks, famous or not and you all know it but aren’t allowed to say much about that issue itself are you?

    • Spike Eskin

      I’m allowed to say whatever I want boss man. I don’t work for Live Nation or Clear Channel.

  • Lex

    “I used to love him . . . “

  • Uncle Craig

    I understand your frustration with the past and his comments at the show and i see your point. I’m 53 and saw them Monday night for the first time. You never mentioned anything about the show and the performance. I was quite frankly blown away by the 3 hour show musically and the performance. I know what happened in the past and think it was wrong but just like when actors or musicians get political I really don’t care I just came for the music. It’s a band, he’s the front man , they are talented artists. I’ve been to thousands of shows and can honestly say that for the $89 general admission ticket it was a hell of a bang for the buck, regardless of the past. I would have gone again the next night if they were playing.
    Uncle Craig POB

    • Spike Eskin

      Not sure if you missed “Guns N’ Roses played the Electric Factory in Philadelphia last night. By all accounts, it was a great show. I have no doubt about that.”

  • Clementhyme

    If it was such a great show, where is all the video? There isn’t one good video of Axl Rose/GNR …well since forever.

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