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Top 5 TV Shows I Started Watching In 2011

This isn’t about sports.  Or music.  Or the Sixers.  Or a Karate Kid move.  But it is about me.

I watched a lot of new and even more old TV shows in 2011.  I was just going to list my Top 5 on Twitter, but I thought Spike may still be in the Holiday spirit and let me post it on

So, without further (Freddy) Adu, here are my Top 5 and some honorable mention TV shows that I started watching in 2011.

Honorable Mention:

Two Broke Girls – This show is about the daughter of a guy who went to jail for running a Ponzi Scheme.  She gets kicked out of her multi-billion dollar house because it was built with stolen money.  She ends up working at a diner with a brunette (the other broke girl) who bakes cupcakes on the side, a creepy Russian chef who wears track suits, a host who claims to be a DJ on the side and the Asian owner who’s never been laid and sometimes wants to make the diner a karaoke bar.  It’s a good show.  You should watch it if you have a girlfriend or fiance or wife who likes when you watch shows together.
#5 How I Met Your Mother – OK, so somehow I missed this show while it’s been on for the past 5 or so years.  If you watch you may get briefly confused because they jump through time a few times an episode.  If you’ve never watched you get even more confused because you watch some new episodes and some from 5 years ago all of which jump through time.  It’s like jumping through time while jumping through time while trying to figure out where Bob Saget’s voice is coming from while thinking of Band Camp and wondering if that’s Bradley Cooper or Jason Segel and which one you met in the hallway of your workplace 3 years ago.


#4 The Walking Dead – The first season was so good that I had to watch it in the daytime because I was so afraid of being in the dark and zombies getting me.  I literally felt like I had to hold my breath through the entire season because I never know when a half eaten, bloody zombie was going to jump out from behind a car and try and eat Rick or Glen or those are the only character’s names I remember.  The show had a fantastic story line until they went to the nuclear power place and met crazy Noah Wyle Emmerich.  They really had a great thing going until they brought science fiction and blowing things up into the equation.  Season two was an even greater disappointment.  They lived on a farm with no zombies, other than the ones locked in the barn, so there wasn’t any real suspense outside of the two or three times they traveled into town.  Suspense was key for me in enjoying this show.  It’s called The Walking Dead.  Give me some Walking Dead!

#3 Criminal Minds – This show, more than any CSI or NCIS show, makes me want to drop everything and enroll in FBI or detective school.  Each episode is an individual case but the characters continue to work through their own stories and histories throughout all of the episodes.  I’ve only been watching for about a month, and mostly reruns on A&E, but I feel like I know the team already.  The team is led by Greg from Dharma & Greg and has it’s fair share of geeks, cops and spies.  You’ll be hooked but don’t watch with children – someone always gets killed pretty brutally in the first five minutes.

#2 Sons Of Anarchy – Just a reminder: this isn’t a Top 5 about shows that began in 2011.  It’s about shows that I started watching in 2011.  Sons of Anarchy just completed it’s fourth season.  It’s about a motorcycle gang of gun and drug runners starring a guy from Broadway, Peg Bundy and Gerry Bertier from Remember The Titans – one half of the “LEFT SIDE! STRONG SIDE!” duo of linebackers.  So anyway, it’s a fantastic story with minimal slow parts.  A lot of shooting, backstabbing, sex and motorcycle riding.  And as a silent public safety symbol, all of the motorcycle riders wear helmets.  Whether or not it’s a law in California to wear helmets, these guys break all kinds of laws, so wearing a helmet must be a subliminal message for all of the Hells Angels that watch Sons.

#1 Last Man Standing – Tim Allen picks up right where he left off as Tim Taylor from Home Improvement.  The only differences in the show are that he has three daughters instead of three sons and his name in the show isn’t Tim.  He does an internet show for his current employer, a hunting and outdoorsman store, which is almost exactly like when he hosted a 30 minute show about tools called Tool Time.  This show is laugh out loud funny, just ask my fiance.  The only major travesty with the show and the only thing I’d change is that his name in the show isn’t Tim.  HOW CAN IT NOT BE TIM?!

You should watch all of these shows.  Catch up on Netflix if you can.  If you have a show that you enjoy and you want me to watch you can tell me at @chrisjohnsonjr on Twitter or by leaving a comment below.  I love shows and I’d love to not be 5 years behind on them like I was on HIMYM and Criminal Minds.

  • Amie Rogala Hartnett

    I just cannot watch “How I Met Your Mother” because “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” has indelibly etched the image of Jason Segal’s greatness (if you know what I mean…) in my braind and that is ALL I can think about when I see him. I took my daughter & nephews to see “The Muppet Movie” and, horribly, all I could think was, “This guy can’t dance worth sh*t but, man, he sure has a huge unit.” And then I proceeded to sigh through the picture. (Until the “Muppet or a Man” song came on, when I started to cringe.)

  • Amie Rogala Hartnett

    But besides my Jason Segel envy, I also started watching some new (and new-to me) things in 2011 that I really enjoy:
    Workaholics (on Comedy Central)
    Storage Wars (in which, I’m beginning to lose interest)

    Also, in 2011, thanks to Netflix, I started watching:
    The League
    Peep Show (British comedy)

    Per your recommendations, I think I’ll try the Tim Allen show (although I never cared for Home Improvement but have enjoyed him in some films) and I’d suggest you give THe League a try if you have any interest in football whatsoever. The forst few episodes were iffy in terms of consistency of quality jokes & acting, but after by the 3rd episode, I was pretty hooked. Warning: it is completely filthy.

  • Chris Johnson

    Weeds is a great show. I’m a few seasons behind but I watched the first two a few years back.
    Is The League the fantasy football show? Or is that something different. Is it still on or only on Netflix.

    I’m with you on Storage Wars. I watched a few episodes when it first came on but I’ve pretty much lost all interest.

    I’ll check out The League though. Thanks!

  • Amie Rogala Hartnett

    Yeah, it’s the fantasy football show and new episodes are still airing (although lacking much promo) on FX. 1st 2 seasons are on Netflix. Not everyone in the ensemble is of the same caliber but “Kevin,” “Andre” and “Taco” bring their A game every episode.

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