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The NBA Fantasy League Week 1 Wrap-Up: Big Hair, Small Points

#1 Dud Of The Week, Monta Ellis

Before we get to the breakdown from the Roto Analysis guys, some news and rumors to get you caught up on.

First, here are the standings after a full week of games:

That’s right, I’m in 12th place in my own league. Leave me alone about it. If I was winning my own league everyone would hate me anyway. After my free-agent pickup of Markieff Morris, the sky’s the limit. At least Josh McRoberts lasted a full week.

It’s unclear so far weather Zoo With Roy, GM and owner of the ZWR Penguins, is the Mark Cuban of the leave, a maverick who will change how the game is played and eventually win it all, or the Daniel Snyder of the league, out there to annoy the bejesus out of everyone. His current pursuit of Kyle Lowry is the talk of SE Fantasy. He’s also most likely to be the first owner that’s fined by the league.

Please Advise is said to be scouring the market for a shooting guard/small forward, with Manu Ginobli out for a month. I’m hearing talks of a deal with Anthony Mason Haircut, who grabbed Richard Jefferson off the waiver wire within seconds of Ginobli’s injury.

The Delco Dirtbags though publicly very supportive of Jimmer Fredette, have reportedly been quietly shopping the former BYU star. League sources say they’re looking for a “scrappy” guy who “plays the right way” and “hustles.”

Team Reese has yet to adjust their roster once this season. Inside sources say GM Ike Reese is “playing possum” with the rest of the league. Not too sure what that accomplishes.

And now for the real analysis. I can’t thank these guys enough. For any fantasy football, basketball or baseball information, please check out their site and podcast.

Matt and Moe are two of the co-founding fantasy experts of You can follow them @KidCotti21 and@MoeProblems respectively, or their site @RotoAnalysis.

Standings: Looking Back and Looking Up

1st Place

“The Verticoli” got off to a great start behind who else but Kyle Lowry. Lowry has been an absolute stud to start the year; an underrated part to his game comprised mostly of assists is his FT%, which currently sits over 90% and has been a big reason why The Verticoli leads the league in that category. The Verticoli is also first in the league in 3 Pointers Made and Points, something Ryan Anderson has been a huge part of with 22 three pointers. The Magic big man ranks 4th overall on the ESPN player rater, and at this point stands ahead of his frontcourt-mate, Dwight Howard. While the standings will be changing every day, it is pretty impressive for this squad to be above the league average in nine of ten categories.

14th Place

“BIG HAIR little shorts” has been struggling with a couple of injuries, which will really set any team back in a sample size as small as the first week of the season. But with Paul Pierce back now and Eric Gordon coming back soon, it’s time for this team to get going. It’s also time to get Corey Maggette way out of that lineup. He’s killing this team, as well as any other he’s currently on, with his 28% FG, and is so low on the player rater that ESPN measures that he has hurt his owners’ teams by more than 4 points in the standings. Ranking as low as you do in assists, steals, A/TO, and FT%, this team absolutely must work on its guard play, and target a point guard via trade or free agency. Having Kemba Walker and Sundiata Gaines as your only PGs on the roster simply isn’t going to cut it with PG as deep as it is.

Studs Of The Week

Honorable Mention: Rajon Rondo, Jose Calderon, James Harden, Hedo Turkoglu, Tyson Chandler, Paul George, Spencer Hawes, Marcus Thornton, Boris Diaw, Markieff Morris, Mario Chalmers, Jason Terry, Andre Miller, Ben Gordon, MarShon Brooks, Norris Cole,

3. Ty Lawson (PG, Denver Nuggets) Narcoleptic E Snow Experience

Ty Lawson has clearly won the starting job over veteran Andre Miller in Denver by starting the year with a bang and being at least average in every skill the perfect point guard is supposed to have. Lawson scores, gets assists, shoots 3’s, and adds a few rebounds, all at an efficient rate. However, the skill that is really putting Lawson on the elite level is his game-changing speed, leading him to average 2.5 steals per game so far this season. I don’t think we can expect 2.5 steals per game, but upwards of 2 certainly seems possible with Lawson’s electric style of play.

2. Manu Ginobli (SG, San Antonio Spurs) Please Advise…

Manu must have heard about being ridiculously underdrafted in the fantasy hoops league, because he started the season off playing with a chip on his shoulder, producing way above average numbers in every category besides blocks in a shockingly low 23.2 minutes per game. The best part about Manu’s season so far was his efficiency, shooting 59.2% from the field, 93.8% from the line, and a whopping 51.9% from 3. Manu would have obviously been a sell high candidate right now because every one of those percentages is going to come down, but unfortunately he broke his hand and will be out more than a month. At least for this week, Manu Ginobli looked well worth the draft pick. (James Anderson and Gary Neal would be the guys to target in his absence if desperate

1.Ryan Anderson (PF, Orlando Magic) The Verticoli

Ryan Anderson has always been a very good 3-point shooter, and a great per-minute player throughout his career, averaging 10.6 points and 5.5 rebounds in 22.3 minutes last season. However, before this season Anderson had never gotten the chance to really start because of blockages on the Magic by players ahead of him on the depth chart like Hedo Turkoglu and Brandon Bass. Before the start of this season, the Magic foolishly traded Brandon Bass for supposedly Dwight Howard’s friend Glen “Big Baby” Davis and gave him a relatively large contract in what is seemingly a vain effort to re-sign Dwight Howard. This trade left the door open for Anderson to start because he is blatantly a far superior player to Davis, and he’s flourished since game 1. Anderson will regress from the field and from beyond the arc (especially from beyond the arc, you can’t take 8.3 3-pointers per game), but for right now Ryan Anderson was the best value in any fantasy basketball league so far this season.

Duds Of The Week

Honorable Mention: Kyrie Irving, Andray Blatche, Marcin Gortat, Al Jefferson, Anderson Varejao, David Lee, Ed Davis, Aaron Afflalo, Richard Hamilton, Jameer Nelson, Stephen Jackson, Luis Scola, Demarcus Cousins, Zach Randolph, Wesley Johnson, Thaddeus Young

3. Tyreke Evans (PG, SG, Sacramento Kings) Anthony Mason Haircut

I really don’t like Tyreke Evans, and it’s not because he hates puppies or is mean to homeless people. I’m sure he’s a really nice guy, I just think he’s pretty bad at basketball. Evans is currently sitting on ESPN’s player rater as the 47th best point guard, and finished last season as the 34th best. There’s a reason I declared Tyreke the most overdrafted player in this league, as well as in most leagues, and that’s because he’s dreadfully overrated due to his rookie season. Sure, he’s got talent but Evans is always going to disappoint owners unless he goes in the 7th round or later rather than 4th or, god forbid, the 3rd round–like in this draft.

2. Josh Smith (PF, SF, Atlanta Hawks) Dino Radja

Josh Smith, or as I like to call him, “Josh Smiff”, had a horrific start to the season. He has shot 36.5% from the field, which is legitimately hard to do from the power forward position, and also converted only 54.5% of his opportunities at the charity stripe. Smith has even regressed in the rebounding category, averaging 1.5 less boards than last season and only managing to score 10 points per game. I expect Smith’s percentages to trend upwardly, and some of his awful performance can be attributed to some inflammation in his knee, but these stats are unacceptable for a guy who was taken as a 2nd round pick in this league.

1. Monta Ellis (PG, SG, Golden State Warriors) The Personal Fouls

Monta Ellis has been shockingly bad to start the season after being a somewhat surprising first round pick in the fantasy basketball league. A lot of his issues, though, have come off the court. Ellis’ grandmother, to whom he was very close, passed away on Christmas Day, and on that same week that he received this sad news, Ellis was accused in a sexual harassment lawsuit. All of that is a lot to handle, and when that’s added on to the fact that Stephen Curry already missed time, putting more pressure on Ellis to carry the team, things just haven’t lined up for him so far. Ellis is a definite buy-low candidate and I expect him to vastly improve from his Week 1 performance.

Free Agents to Target

4. Tracy McGrady

Much like LT in football becoming a third down back, T-Mac has found his niche in a totally different position than what he played at the beginning of his career. The Hawks’ bench is as tin as Anthony Randolph, so McGrady will get plenty of minutes while being relatively efficient at rates that are worth owning in a league as deep as this one.

3. Shannon Brown

This is a pure upside pick, as he has not really looked in sync in the new Suns’ offense. I do think, however, that a lot of players that switched teams this off-season will be slow to adjust to their new teams, but will improve over the course of the season. Brown will definitely have his ups and downs, but should eventually be a good supplier of steals and 3PM, to go along with being a serviceable source in bot points and rebounds.

2. Josh Howard

While the younger, up-and-coming players are always the sexier picks near the end of drafts, it is often the underrated and forgotten veterans who can pick up the slack and truly bring in value. Josh Howard is a guy who has shown some energy early this season, and could be cracking the Jazz’s starting lineup for Raja Bell at any moment. Howard has gotten to the line at a phenomenal rate, and should provide a solid amount of steals, while struggling in FG% and 3PT shooting.

1. Robin Lopez

Yes, he’s done nothing since the first game of the season, but I think Robin Lopez can be a decent contributor in a 14-team league. He has always shot free throws well for a big man, and should be at least an average shot-blocker while getting his points and rebounds up. Lopez might not be the sexiest pickup, but he’s worth a look in leagues this deep.

You can follow along and watch league standings all year of the league HERE.

I’ve created a Twitter list of everyone in the league, you can follow that list HERE. 

And once again, please check out the fine folks over at for great fantasy advice for all sports, in written and podcast form.


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    Correction. I am also looking for a “coach’s son”, “gym rat” who “knows the fundamentals of the game”.

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    Now I have to have a team meeting about your header art! As if there isn’t enough on Monta’s plate right now! Marcin Gortat’s sitting on our bench drinking vodka! Tyrus Thomas keeps reinjuring himself on purpose, we’re gonna need a Psychologist on the payroll now! Jameer Nelson keeps pointing at me and saying “You drafted me 5th! PAAAHAAHAAHAAHAA!”, like I don’t have feelings! Our newest face, Tracy McGrady, is in the locker room giving pep talks on how to be a leader! I mean, c’mon! We’re a franchise out of control, damn you! We don’t need the added pressure!

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