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Suggest Chants For The Revolutionaries: Sixers vs Wizards 01.13.12

The job of the Sixers Revolutionaries, the fan group that sits right behind the basket near the visitors bench, consists of a few things.

  • Cheer on the home team
  • Lead the crowd in cheers
  • Get in the head of the opponents.

They already made Jamal Magloire mad enough to shout back at them.

And attempted to get inside the crazy head of DeMarcus Cousins.

Now the Wizards are coming to town, and they need some help. John Wall, Andray Blatche, Rashard Lewis, everyone is game. there’s a lot of material with this team. Leave your suggested chants in the comments, then check out the Revolutionaries on Twitter before the game (@76er_Revolution), to see which ones they’ll use.


  • BTC

    Reggie Lewis is dead… but Rashard is just as lively these days.

    • Spike Eskin

      HAHA, fixed. Thanks boss.

  • Lloyd

    “Please Don’t Shoot Us”

  • BTC

    There should definitely be a mention of the fact that Rashard makes $22 million this year.

  • Spike Eskin

    How about one for Flip Saunders? “Un-Em-Ploy-Ment?”

  • Spike Eskin

    Or as @XEgan suggested on Twitter, maybe a “You Can’t Shoot” chant every time Wall misses a shot?

  • Matthew J Flint

    People liked the Bullettsssssssss!

  • Sophie

    Every time John wall misses chant “should have drafted evan” or some variation

    • Tom Driscoll

      How about “Evan’s better”?

  • Tom Driscoll

    Every time Andray Blatche misses, how about “You’ve got swag!”

  • Pauldaku

    Bring Back Gil-bert ……Clap..Clap….ClapClapClap

    “Evan’s Bet-ter! Obviously directed at Wall…and these are to be followed by the 5 claps

    Also at Wall “Wasted Draft Pick

    To comment on how bad DC is ” Penn Can Beat You”


  • BTC

    Maybe something about how they wish they still had Collins.

  • shaquilleogregg

    Eva could do better! (when Vesely’s on the court)

  • guest


  • Sully127

    Tommy Tutone’s Jenny (867-5309)

    (insert name) you suck from the free throw line

  • Mathieuobrien

    Who’s John Wall (who’s John galt reference)

  • Jallen078

    For Javale McGee: “you can’t jump cars”

    For John Wall: “your dance sucks”

  • Mathieuobrien

    Chant hildred. It’s walls middle name.

  • Jake

    Where’s your gunman?

  • john
  • Matt

    Sat behind the Wizards bench a couple years ago after Arenas’ gun issue. Lots of gun jokes, my favorite was telling him he should have hid his guns in Deshawn Stevenson’s beard, which actually got a laugh out of Arenas.

    If I was going tomorrow I’d probably go with these:
    Jordan Crawford – “You peaked when you dunked on Lebron in college.”
    Rashard Lewis – “$21 million a year and you can’t even buy a 3.”
    John Wall – “If only you could shoot as well as you dougie.” or “How’s it feel to make less in the pros than you did in college?”

    The easiest target will be on the bench all game, ast. coach Sam Cassell. Possibly the ugliest player in NBA history. Any E.T. joke is fair game.

  • Will

    Chant “DROOPY DOG” until Assistant Coach Jeff Capel acknowleges you.

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