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Sixers vs Pistons Home Opener Prediction Thread & Download “10, 9, 8, 76ers”

It’s here.

The first home game of the Sixers season is tonight vs the Detroit Pistons.

The Sixers are the only team in the NBA who has yet to play a home game, and they’re 3-2. Sure, we’ll look at the Utah game and said “we shoulda had that one,” and we’re right. But coming back from a west coast road trip 3-2 is still a win in my eyes.

I’m going to say the home crowd is an actual advantage tonight, and the Sixers win it 103-94. We ended the season with a sloppy game against the Pistons last year, this would be a great way to make up for it. I think we start slow and finish strong tonight.

I’ll say Lou Williams is the game MVP with 23 points and 4 assists.

** Revised prediction: Ben Gordon and Rodney Stuckey are out. Sixers win 118-64. 

Your predictions?

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Download, 10, 9, 8, 76ers (thanks to @MPRoach)

I talked about the Sixers play so far, and the play of #STEVEHAWES on Lunch Break with Rhea Hughes today:


  • Anonymous

    My prediction, >22,000 hot dogs will be consumed. Also Sixers win by 8.

  • Thomas Holzerman

    My prediction? PAIN.

  • @mikebiff

    104-87 Sixers

  • Erik Lambertsen

    The Sixers shouldn’t have much trouble with the Pistons, who struggle scoring points (28th in NBA). Only player to really worry about is the versatile Greg Monroe. 31-year-old Tayshaun Prince is looking old.

    Sixers win 103-82.

  • Fantasource

    Prediction: 4 beers and 4 hot dogs for me tonight and a 101-89 win for the Sixers.

  • Steve McGill

    I wanna see a coming out party for Evan Turner, keep the growth coming kid

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