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Photoshop With Matt Mac: Carmelo Anthony Sucks

A couple of things happened yesterday. First, Carmelo Anthony was as annoying as ever during the Knicks vs Sixers game on Wednesday night. Then, this picture of Melo being gangsta with a panda popped up online again. Then, I got an email from Matt Mac (@_mattmac) with these.

Carmelo Anthony never misses a convention

Did Carmelo ever tell you he can do a split?

Carmelo learned his post moves while square dancing

Who loves Frosty? Carmelo loves Frosty

Carmelo always did the couples skate by himself

Work on defense? Nah, Melo loves to knit

Because his summer is usually free, Melo loves his garden

And @CraneKicker added a few as well:

You didn't know Melo was a Belieber?

Melo Balling So Hard with Vince Young


Melo may look chubby now, but he's come a long way

And this one from @XEgan.

Carmelo was even chubby in grade school

  • Jamie Stem

    Pretty happy about his ankle sprain, just wish he’d shoot himself in the leg like some other high profile NY athletes have done in the past while dancing at the club. The guy is plain awful. Hard to even look at him and his attitude on the court and not want to throw up. But I can say this. He’ll never win a championship in a NYK uniform. Sixers will finish ahead of New York and Boston, no doubt. They are younger, deeper, and more athletic than every other team in the NBA,it’s almost like they were built for a shortened season and back to back to backers. They also have everyone back from last year. No turnover. Go 76ers.

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