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Meet The Sixers Fans Who Made DeMarcus Cousins Sad, The Revolutionaries

Last year, for the first time, I experienced the Sons Of Ben. The SOB’s are the fans who sit in what’s known as the “river end” of PPL Park for Philadelphia Union home matches.

They stand the entire game. They have their own chants, which often times lead the entire stadium. They cheer on the home team with great passion, and heckle the opposition with just as much vigor. Sitting there isn’t for everyone, but everyone can certainly be glad they’re in the house.

They are everything that a great college football crowd is, except more organized. In short, the Sons Of Ben make Union matches awesome. They made me like soccer.

I already like basketball. I already love the Sixers.

Being a huge Sixers fan and a season ticket holder, I thought the Wells Fargo Center could really use something like this. A section of fans who just get after it each game. Who don’t sit on their hands and wait for the fourth quarter. Who come up with things to yell at DeMarcus Cousins.

Enter the new Sixers owners. Enter the Revolutionaries. Watch out, Mr. Cousins.

If you’ve been to a Sixers game or watched one on TV, you’ve probably seen them behind the basket, on their feet. You’ve certainly heard them. They’re doing a great job, and they’re only getting better (and bigger).

Chris Orsinger is a former member of Kapono’s Kings (don’t hold it against him) and a current Revolutionary. I talked to him about what they’re all about, what the reaction’s been like, and just what they yelled at DeMarcus Cousins.

Spike: So explain to me, in a couple of sentences, what the Revolutionaries hope to accomplish? 

Chris: We want to inject some excitement back into the Philadelphia 76ers fan base. The team is performing at an extremely high level on the court right now, we want to help that translate into more excitement in the crowd. Philadelphia is widely known as one of, if not the, best sports cities of America. The fans of the Phillies, Union, Flyers, and especially Eagles are reputed as being some of the most passionate in all of sports. Why not the 76ers? We want to fill in that blank.

When we heard about this program, I realized that we were presented with an amazing opportunity to not only try to improve the excitement at the Wells Fargo Center, but also try to make Philly that place where no NBA player wants to come play. That place where our fans would pump up the Sixers and truly give them a home court advantage. In recent years, Sixers games have been so quiet that I would not even be surprised if babies could nap in the arena. We want to sooo passionately change that. Big time.

The View From The Revolution

Spike: So have you done anything like this before?


Chris: A group of my friends and I had created the Kapono’s Kings fan group and had regularly been attending Sixers games over the past two years, dressed in t-shirts and crowns, and chanting throughout the game. Now that Kapono left (yes, even we were happy), this seemed like the perfect transition. Via Twitter, we found out about this “crazy fan section” that would provide free season tickets to a group of fans who were passionate, intense, and loud. This was a dream come true and seemed like the perfect fit – a program directly tailored for us. We had to get involved.

Spike: How many of you are there?

Chris: Currently, we are about a group of 25 regulars. It has been great collectively cheering with such passionate Sixers fans and we have already developed an awesome bond together. It’s a great group of people. Although 25 is more than enough to make noise at the Wells Fargo Center, it can only help to have more fans involved around us. Many times we see fans looking over at us while we chant, just staring and not joining in. The players love what we are doing, and often times the fans say they love it as well. The reaction overall has been overwhelmingly positive. If only we could get those fans to follow our lead, and just chant/clap along, our effort of improving the atmosphere at Sixers games would be much easier.

Spike: Have any players responded to you yet?

Chris: In terms of away players, we have definitely noticed reactions, especially because we sit so close to their bench. Our seats are located in the 120 Section risers, literally twenty feet or so from the away bench. Two players in particular that responded were Jamal Magloire and DeMarcus Cousins.

Magloire was riding the bench all game, and our constant chanting annoyed him so much that he began waving his arms, and even at one point told us to “shut up” (see beat writer tweet about this incident below). Given that he had reacted in such an emphatic manner, it only made us go after him that much harder. After Brand’s jersey was ripped during play, we chanted for him to “Sew his jersey” because he was doing nothing useful on the bench. As for Cousins, the guy was almost too easy of a target. We called him a quitter, warned his teammates that they might get punched (Donte Greene incident), and told him to request a trade again while the Kings were getting absolutely annihilated. He just kept on looking over and shaking his head, looking sad.

The Sixers players have been really great, especially when they shoot-around at halftime on our side of the court. While they shoot around, we always chant one players name at a time, and that player will look at us and acknowledge us. They seem to think the chants are really funny and creative as well. Evan Turner, who generally seems like a really cool and approachable guy, almost always cracks a smile.

Spike: Opposing team’s beat writers seem to be amused by you. What are some of the best responses?

Chris: There have been some real gems from opposing beat writers. One of our favorite post-game rituals is to check Twitter for their tweets throughout the game to see what they said about us. Here are some highlights:

Ryan Wolstat (Toronto Sun):

Jason Jones (Sacramento Bee):

Any obviously many, many more to come..
Spike: Is there one player or team that you’re excited to taunt? 

Chris: Heading into tonight’s game, one of them was definitely DeMarcus Cousins. However, looking forward, we absolutely cannot wait for the Heat game, obviously for LeBron James.

Also, we think it is pretty funny how badly Kris Humphries has been getting booed around the league – presumably for his ordeal with Kim Kardashian and all that. Look out for a large cut out/poster of her face, and he will be hearing it all night.

One more: although this is not exactly “taunting” we cannot wait for the Magic game. I want to show Howard how much love Philly has for him, and how badly we want him to come. If there is any chance that he comes to Philly (didn’t he once say he would like playing alongside Iguodala?), I want to make sure he realizes how good the fans here are. A nice dose of “Come to Philly” chants will be in order.

Spike: What’s been your two favorite cheers for the opposition, and your two favorites for the Sixers?

Chris:For the opposition..

1. “Deeeeeeeetroit Baaaaaasketball SUCK-SUCK-SUCK” This one was tailored after their Auburn Hills signature chant at Pistons home games. We added the “suck-suck-suck”. Needless to say, Pistons players were not happy.

2. “Chris Bosh hates you” to the Raptors. As much as we hate seeing Bosh go to Miami to join forces with Wade and LeFraud, we still had to let them hear it.

3. “Anaheim Queens” This was a one-two punch. The Kings do not deserve to be called Kings if they are losing games by almost 30 points. Also, they are very likely going to Anaheim, so we made sure to let them hear that they had no fans in Sactown, and they should get ready to live near Disneyland!

For the Sixers..

1. “Spencer Hawes is MVP-MVP-MVP” or just chanting “MVP-MVP-MVP” when he touches the ball. He has been playing out of his mind to start the year, although some injuries seem to be slowing him a bit. In any case, we wanted to show him as much love as possible, and even though MVP may be a little ridiculous, we figured it would be a good way to show it.

2. “Niiiiiiiikolaaaa” (to the tune of Riiiiicolaa – the Swiss cough drops). Great chant for the rookie who has really stepped up his game. Coincidentally, he was born in Switzerland which is funny. A great chant for an awesome first name. We are looking to continue this all season long.

Spike: Ok, call it now, what seed do we get? 

Chris: 3rd seed, behind Miami and Chicago. Call me optimistic, but this team knows how to play. We have incredible chemistry, and each and every night a different guy can hurt you. All of our guys are capable of scoring double digits any given night – can you say the same for any other team in the league? We will win the Atlantic Division. It is all a matter of how high our seed will be in the Eastern Conference.

Spike: So, the big guy who lifts his shirt up, what’s his deal?

Chris: He goes by the name of “Big Daddy” and is the heart of the Revolutionaries. He is at the arena the earliest, and leaves the latest, always ready to go with wigs, face paint, and other ridiculous accessories. He loves chanting, and he loves jiggling his stomach. Big Daddy gets on the jumbotron every game for his moves, and occasionally will lift up his shirt for those who are “lucky” enough to witness it. I believe he has been going to Sixers games for years now.. I have seen him before.

Spike: Have you ever seen or heard the Sons Of Ben at Union matches?

Chris: Yep. They are awesome, and being 1,500 strong helps a lot. Do we wish we could get to that level? Hell yes. Soccer games in general, especially in Europe, do it right. Joshua Harris mentioned this himself when we met him at Chikies and Pete’s at a viewing party a few days ago. He wants it to be like a crazy soccer game. Sons of Ben do it right – they have the right idea.

Spike:  How does someone become a revolutionary, and what do they get?

Chris: The initial application process is over. However, I am in the process of speaking with our 76ers contact in order to enroll more people in the program. The more the better obviously! In the meantime, the best thing would be to follow us on Twitter (@76er_Revolution) and like us on Facebook and spread the word. Keep checking back there for any updates on ticket giveaways in our section, additions to the Revolutionaries, and much more.

To inquire about becoming a full-time member of the Revolutionaries, send an email to

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