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LEGIT: January 10th, 2012, The Day The Nation Recognized The Sixers

Well, it happened. After five straight wins, topped by a convincing defeat of the then 6-2 Pacers last night, everyone at once seemed to notice the Sixers are, well, pretty good.

I’m sure this will be a jinx and we’ll blow it against the Kings tonight (just preparing myself in case), but consider this a banner day.

The team who “can’t compete without a superstar” have become “this team just might surprise everyone.”

Are they a top five NBA team? Probably not. Is it fun to see them there? ABSOLUTELY. It’s this kind of press that makes other players want to come here, and the players feel good about being here.

Now beat the lowly Kings and then knock some sense into that bunch of overrated clowns in New York tomorrow night.

Now go to a game. The players deserve it.

Here’s a recap of the rankings that came out today.’s Matt Moore has the Sixers ranked #5.

John Hollinger of ESPN.COM has them ranked #1!!!

ESPN’s 5 On 5 debated the Sixers ranking.

Marc Stein of ESPN.COM has them ranked #7.

John Schuhmann has the Sixers at #7 as well. 

Sports Illustrated’s Britt Robson has them at #4.

Pro Basketball Talk debated whether the Sixers could win the division, after predicting they wouldn’t even make the playoffs.


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