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Which Sixers Player Has The Pizza App?

Sixers beat writer Tom Moore tweeted the folllowing quote from Andre Iguodala after Sixers practice today:

#Sixers Iguodala: ‘I don’t want to name names,. but some (Sixers) like pizza and burgers a lot. One guy has a pizza app on his phone.’

**UPDATE** Moore has confirmed that Evan Turner is the player with the pizza app on his phone. I feel bad I pinpointed Speezy so directly, but I did have Turner as the next most likely. 

So, because I already did a whole podcast about actual basketball today, I decided to take a stab at who it might be.

Elton Brand (550-1) – No way it’s Brand. Has trained maticulously during the last two offseasons. As well, as the only guy of note on the team without a Twitter account, I doubt Elton has a ton of apps.

Tony Battie (250-1) – See Elton Brand’s reasoning. Less so for the training, more so because there’s no way he’s got apps on his phone.

Lavoy Allen (100-1) – I just don’t think Igudoala would out a brand new, second round pick, as a pizza fiend.

Thaddeus Yong (20-1) – I have no feeling on Young as a possibility one way or the other. Other than, of course the fact that he’s not #16 and not named Marreese Speights.

Andre Iguodala (NA) – Since he’s the one doing the accusing, we know for sure it isn’t Iguodala.

Evan Turner (8-1) – Sure, you don’t think Evan Turner and food right away. However, he does tweet alot, meaning he uses his phone a lot. Turner also put on a couple of pounds last year as the season progressed. I don’t think it’s particularly likely, but it’s not impossible. He’s the wild card. Also, he and Iguodala seem close.

Lou Williams (17-1) – An app to find ladies in the area? Sure. An app to find out the best place to record your newest hit rap song because you’re a boss? Yes. A pizza app? I don’t think so.

Spencer Hawes (12-1) – Here’s the thing, I think it’s entirely possible that Spencer Hawes loves pizza and has a pizza app on his phone. However, I don’t think he’d ever admit it. I think Hawes is the kind of guy who doesn’t like to admit that he can get kind of chubby.

Andres Nocioni (15-1) – Nocioni may like pizza, but I doubt he and Iguodala are discussing apps on their iPhones.

Jrue Holiday (8-1) – This may be made up, but somebody on Twitter told me Holiday loves pizza.

Jodie Meeks (25-1) – Jodie Meeks actually looks like someone who barely eats. Or only eats candy.

Nikola Vucevic (50-1) – No way he’s comfortable enough with the team yet to share this kind of information.

Craig Brackins (13-1) – Possible I guess, just doesn’t seem like the type. The type being Marreese Speights.

Marreese Speights (1-50) – I don’t know why I’m even doing this, as we all know it’s Speights anyway.

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