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Time’s Yours Podcast: Willis, Rollins, the Sixers & NBA Fantasy League

On Time’s Yours today, Pat Gallen and I discussed the following:

* the Dontrelle Willis signing and the “it factor” that Willis has.

* the Phillies and Jimmy Rollins, and how they ended up here.

* what the Chris Paul situation has done positively and negatively for the NBA.

* the Sixers break camp, and will go with Meeks over Turner as a starter.

* the official NBA Fantasy League, with a few celebrity members, and your chance to be a part of it. It’s in the last ten minutes of the show. You’ll need to give us three words on Twitter letting us know why you should be in the league. The hash tag you’ll need to know is #SEFantasy, and the deadline is 4pm on Sunday. We’ve got five open spots.

Follow Pat Gallen on Twitter @PatGallen_PN, and check him out on Phillies Nation and ESPN 97.3 radio in South Jersey.

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 This is the Philvania t-shirt that Pat was talking about in the podcast, you can buy it here.

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