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Time’s Yours Podcast: The Craziest NBA Offseason Ever and The Sixers At A Distance

Matt Moore writes a lot about the NBA. For the first time (to my eyes at least), it seems like the news is coming faster than he can keep up with it.

Moore, Senior NBA Blogger for, weekend editor for NBC Sports’ and founder of Hardwood Paroxysm (I recommend it) took some time to talk about the most talked-about offseason in NBA history. We talked about the vetoed trade and what it’s meant for the league and the fans. I also make him take his best guess as to where Chris Paul and Dwight Howard end up.

Also, I thought it’d be interesting to get a perspective about the Sixers from a distance. Sometimes when you’re too close, you can’t see things for what they are. Moore talked about the team’s ceiling (along with Turner and Holiday’s), whether they should or should not trade Andre Iguodala, and what he thinks of Thaddeus Young.

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