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The (Un)Official NBA End Of Lockout Party For Sixers Fans, December 9th at Chickie’s And Pete’s (Now With #FreeBoosie Shirts, Sixers Tickets and Sixers Dancers)

It’s actually happening. All the info under Matt Mac’s SWEET work below.


Date: December 9th

Time: 7pm

Location: Chickie’s and Pete’s on Packer Ave. (directions)

We’ll be at the bar where the Andy Reid Coach’s Show is. Just walk into Chickie’s and make a right. Andy Reid will not be there. 

Cost: Free

Ages: All

Your hosts: Myself (Spike), Pat Gallen and Beer Man Nick.  (with appearances by the Sixers Dancers)

Facebook Event Page: Click Here (Please RSVP for a head count. More RSVP’s, better stuff to give away)

Free Stuff: 

Ean of the awesome Philly band DeSoto Jones has promised a free copy of their new album Inward Telescopic to every person who attends. Thanks Ean!

Tickets to the Sixers pre-season game against the Wizards (you can buy them here)

Commemorative Free Boosie Shirts, Compliments Of Philly Screen (for the first 50 people). My man Tim over at Philly Screen has decided to provide the official End Of Lockout party #FreeBoosie commemorative t-shirt. To get this limited edition shirt, you have to RSVP on Facebook and be one of the 50 people there. This is real. No joke. Follow Tim on Twitter @phillyscreen. He’s the best in the business and right here in Philly.



Philadelphia SportsWeek and Philadelphia SportsWeek Girls will be there to give away copies of the new, sweet weekend sports magazine. 

The BS Line (@TheBSLine) and Vetshirtium will be bringing a few, awesome, Teach Me How To Dougie shirts to give away. 

Autographed Sixers jerseys Mo Speights and Kyle Korver (really).

Take your picture wearing Charles Barkley’s old Thump N’ Bump leather Sixers jacket. His real jacket!

**JUST ADDED** Take your picture wearing this giant, old, Derrick Coleman jersey. It’s game used, and you can see by putting it on, just how overweight Coleman was when he played for the Sixers. This is fun for everyone! I promise, it will make for an amazing picture. 

I promised for months on Twitter that when the NBA lockout ended, I’d have a party for everyone at my apartment. For a while, it seemed like a party that was never going to happen.

And then David Stern and Billy Hunter parted the sea, made a little negotiating magic, and BAM, we have an NBA season. We have Sixers basketball. Hell yes.

So, it’s party time. We’re going to party. Come to our party.

The reality is I have a 600 square foot apartment and it’s not going to fit everyone or be any fun to have a big party in. We’re working on a place. It will be free, we’ll have stuff to give away, and we’ll have great Sixers games on the TV. Maybe Andre Iguodala will really come. We’re also going to bother Adam Aron on Twitter (feel free to start @SixersCEOAdam) until he shows up. Most of all, we’re going to all hang out, drink beers (or whatever) have a great time, and get ourselves ready for basketball.

You have to come. I want to meet everyone. Friday, December 9th, 7pm at Chickie’s and Pete’s in South Philly.

Be sure to tell your friends. You may think “oh, Spike, he knows everyone.” Or you may think “oh, Spike, I don’t even really know who he is but I know he used to be on the radio and I think his dad is …” Whatever you think, we want everyone who loves basketball to come.

By the way, this party is not associated with the Sixers or the NBA or Billy Hunter in any fashion. As if that wasn’t clear.

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