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Sixers vs Suns 12.28.11 Open Game Thread (Let’s Get A Win)

Let’s get a win here, right?

Opening night nerves should be out of the way, and with Steve Nash on him, we’ll get a solid night out of Jrue Holiday. The Sixers need it, and my fantasy team needs it too.

Let’s just hope it doesn’t come down to a final shot, because I just can’t deal with another day of that discussion.


  • Spike Eskin

    I hesitate to say anything will be easy, but the Sixers should take this one.

    I’m going 103-92 Sixers.

  • Jake

    Still kinda nervous about this game…96-89 sixers take it

  • Fantasource

    Sixers 99
    Suns 93
    Current line is Sixers -1.5, O/U 196.5

  • Mike

    sixers win 95-87

  • Jneff08

    win 97-84

  • Jneff08

    Jrue gets back on track. 24/8/4

  • TJ

    Sixers win 96-88

  • Rob Greco


  • @Mikebiff

    Just win, baby! I don’t even care how, just get to 1-1

  • @Mikebiff

    I’ll predict the Sixers will win 98-90. I’ll predict this outcome for every game, it’s gotta happen once, right? DON’T SCREW ME, SHORTENED SEASON!

  • @Mikebiff

    Hawes needs a little fade away on his turn around jumper

  • @Mikebiff

    Whodathunk all those botched ankle surgeries would have lengthened Grant Hill’s career so much?

  • Rob Greco

    Awesome game. Hopefully this is more us being good than the suns just sucking.

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