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Sixers vs. Jazz 12.30.11 Prediction Thread

I don’t want to brag or anything, but I did predict the exact number of points the Sixers would score against the Suns. I guess I did mean to brag. I guess that means I’m bragging about being lucky. Whatever.

A win again the Jazz would be pretty big tonight, because it’ll prevent a let-down against Golden State from ruining the road trip. NBA teams aren’t very good in back-to-back games on the road, and that’s what the Golden State game is.

Coming back to Philly 3-2 would be a good thing, especially when you consider they won three games in their first 16 last year. 4-1 would be great, but 3-2 would be good.

The Jazz are pretty big up front, but they’re still not very good. I’ll go with the Sixers taking this one 98-91.

Give me yours.

  • Danatural14

    Sixer’s win 106-87..LETS GO SIXER’S ! !

  • Matt Rappa

    Sixers 106, Jazz 101

  • wayneinSJ

    sixers 103 jazz 92 Wanna see turner start be a little more selfish

    • Spike Eskin

      Yeah problem with ET starting is that means you’re bringing Lou and Meeks off the bench, which doesn’t work.

  • Tlees2

    Sixers 94 Jazz 87

  • Thomas Holzerman

    Sixers 137, Jazz 9

  • MaDubbs

    Ben Franklins Dog 101 Andy Reids 85 This isn’t your father’s Utah Jazz Stockton, Malone, Mark Eaton or Blue Edwards team, oh yea did I mention Jeff Malone

  • Sjeffries

    Sixers 104 Jazz 97, Hawes player of game with 15 and 11.

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