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Ruben Amaro and Ike Reese Caption Contest

Your friend and mine, Michael Barkann (@mikencuecsn) tweeted this picture earlier of Ike Reese signing an autograph for Ruben Amaro. I think a caption contest is in order. The winner gets … I don’t know, nothing. I don’t have anything. Just come up with something great. Keep it clean.

  • Jorge Maldonado

    Ike Reese: Here you go Rueben; that’ll be 25 bucks!

  • Gorzo41

    Maybe this signed Ike Reese head shot will seal the deal with Jimmy Rollins.

  • Anonymous

    “I’m so hammered. I can’t believe I forgot an undershirt.”

  • Anonymous

    “Ike, I’ll give you $100 if you can find a single Rollins shirt in this store right now”

  • DrewRig8

    I’ll trade you your signature for 2 minor leaguer signatures and a signature to be named later.

  • Gorzo41

    Question: What is the least expensive item in this picture? Answer: Ike Reese signed photo.

  • Gorzo41

    Ruben: I’m sorry, I thought your last name was Turner. You can have this back.

  • @Mikebiff

    RAJ thought bubble: “I’d rather have the newspaper”

  • Anonymous

    “Does Barkann always wear hot pants on the air?”

  • Gorzo41

    Trade Proposal: Ike Reese Gives Up Signed Photo; Ruben Amaro Gives Up a Phillies Phantasy Camp Invitation.

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