Photoshop With Matt Mac: Roy Halladay Won’t Stop Training

A picture surfaced yesterday of Roy Halladay standing in Citizen’s Bank Park, in shorts, throwing the ball around while they set up for the Winter Classic.

I immediately went to Photoshop, and did the only thing i know how to do, paste one picture on top of the other. I came up with Halladay pitching during an actual Flyers game.

Matt Mac (@_mattmac on Twitter) was not impressed. He came up with some incredible images of Roy Halladay training in … odd places. If you’ve done any of your own, be sure to submit them to Crossing Broad, as Kyle is posting them on his site.

Halladay Finally Breaks For Lunch

All Work And No Play Makes Roy ... Awesome

Forget Waiting For Penn Dot, Roy Wore His Snow Cleats

JFK, Joe DiMaggio, and Roy

For An Extra $50 You Can Swim With Roy

Roy Needs No Protective Gear

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