Photoshop With Matt Mac: Rejected Sixers Mascots

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Well Matt saw that people are complaining about the choices to be Sixers mascot. He was able to uncover some options that didn’t make the cut.

I couldn’t remember why I made them all Irish, and then I remembered this gem from Zoo With Roy, Tanky McLotto.

Jumpy McBasketball


Sneaky McKrimpet

Cracky McLiberty

Blizzard McBlower

  • Amie R. Hartnett

    Since all Nat’l Philadelphia sports coverage inevitably shows cheesesteaks on a grill somewhere, how about a whizz-ed up steak in sneakers with strips of grilled onion as arms?

    Although, I think there might be a conflict with McDonalds if it’s name contains the phrase “McCheese.”

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