Photoshop With Matt Mac: Putting Andy Reid In A Better Position

Matt (@_mattmac) said he was inspired by our friend Marc (@mleif), who suggested that Andy Reid may need to physically, himself, be put in a better position. He was inspired. Here are some better positions than the one Andy is in now.

Even being thrown to the lions in 300, Andy would be in a better position.

Attacked by Jaws? Yeah, probably better than the position he’s in here. At least this Jaws doesn’t come with Jon Gruden.Roy Scheider says “better position.”

Being shot out of a canon would suck, but having to do another one of those post-game press conferences would suck more. Verdict? Better position.

Being attacked by Godzilla seems horrible. But Governor Rendell says this is the version with Jason Bieber in it.

Having an atomic bomb land on you would make for a terrible day, but having to go to practice and see DRC, probably worse. The survey says … better position.

Having your feet burned by the lava from a volcano seems like the worst possible position, but having a quarterback who thinks throwing four interceptions is “pretty good,” is slightly worse. Jury’s decision … better position.

Most people would define getting eaten by a polar bear at the zoo as a bad position, it is. But getting eaten by a polar bear is a better position than any position Nate Allen has been in all year.

Being swept up into a tornado is undeniably a bad position. But when compared to managing DeSean Jackson, it’s without question a better position.

Being punched in the back by a Mike Tyson in his prime? That’s a bad position. Going to work every day and seeing the guy in charge of your defense is an offensive line coach, well that’s worse. This is a better position.







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