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DeSean Jackson’s Problem Is Not Money

You’re crazy. You’re all crazy.

So the argument is this: if the Eagles had paid DeSean Jackson in the offseason, or at least during the season, he would not be behaving this way. And perhaps, if DeSean Jackson was not behaving this way, the Eagles would be a better team, with their most explosive weapon on offense satisfied and performing.

The thing I keep hearing and reading is that DeSean Jackson is a man who is a) motivated by money (which we all are to an extent) as well as b) pretty immature (which we knew) and also that c) he feels disrespected that there are a lot of players on the team who got paid, while he hasn’t.

What I get from many people is that even if the Eagles didn’t give DeSean Jackson the money he was asking for, even if they didn’t give him a new deal, they could have thrown him a couple of million dollars to make him happy. That would have gotten us through the season.

And all I keep thinking is, you’re all crazy. Every, last one of you is crazy if you really believe you know how DeSean Jackson would have reacted to any of that.

Look, I don’t blame DeSean Jackson on his own for the atrocity we’re witnessing, far from it. It’s too easy to blame any one person for any of it. The Eagles are terrible, and there is plenty of blame to go around.

That said, his performance and attitude is inexcusable, and something I haven’t seen from any Eagles player in my lifetime. Ricky Watters, Terrell Owens, whatever prima donna child-like star you want to name, not one of them has played and acted with such a severe disregard for effort and attitude.

This problem that DeSean Jackson has does not get solved by handing him a check. In fact many times, quite the opposite is true. If we’re supposing that DeSean Jackson is motivated by money, what makes you believe that he’ll still be motivated after he gets his money? Even if he got everything he was asking for. He wouldn’t be the first player in pro sports to take his foot off the gas once he got paid. Asante Samuel’s contract is plenty large isn’t it? How’s his attitude been this year?

You hand DeSean a check for two million dollars as a “thank you.” How are you at all sure that it’s going to solve any problems if he’s asking for 80 million of those dollars? You can’t be. In fact, I’d be willing to bet we’d be in the exact same place right now. I certainly wouldn’t be willing to bet against it. Not even with somebody else’s money.

Many times the very first album you hear from a band is their best, because they’re hungry. Because everything they’ve ever dreamed about and worked toward in their career has been for that moment. And whether they make it or they don’t, they’re never the same after that. If they don’t make it, many times they grow bitter and tired. If they strike it rich, well what’s the sense in working hard after that?

We knew this about Jackson coming in. We did. And if there’s a fault, it’s in thinking that it was possible to change him and getting him straightened out. But I can’t convince myself that this situation would have been avoided with money.

The mistake that we’re making is thinking that DeSean Jackson’s problem is a money problem. It isn’t. DeSean Jackson’s problem is a DeSean Jackson problem, which isn’t nearly as easy to solve.



  • Vincent E. Heck

    Right the hell on.

  • Ethan Rothstein

    Randy Moss has acted like this before. Not T.O., but Moss took plays off until he got paid/traded.

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