Time’s Yours Podcast: The Penn State Disaster And The Ryan Madson Contract

Boy, sports have been weird this week.

Discussing actual sports, and the Penn State situation has made for some weird segue-ways.

Today, Pat Gallen and I talked about the Penn State situation, and the massive failure at all levels. Then we had one of those awkward segues into the rumored contract that Ryan Madson is ready to sign with the Phillies and where it leaves the rest of the rest of the roster (and talk a little Yoenis Cespedes). Finally, we wound it up with some NBA labor talk and some awful comments made by NBA Union attorney Jeffrey Kessler.

Find Pat Gallen on Twitter @PatGallen_PN and at Phillies Nation. You can also hear him on 97.3 ESPN radio in South Jersey.

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  • Tunderko

    Spike…gave me lots to think about….really down about what has transpired…

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