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Time’s Yours Podcast: RIP 2011 Philadelphia Eagles

There were three ways the Eagles game against the Arizona Cardinals could have gone.

The first way was the Eagles take their frustrations out on the terrible Cardinals, and beat them something like 41-7.

The second way was the Eagles stumble through the game, but still somehow come out on top. Maybe a final score of something like 20-10.

It ended up going the third way. An uninspired loss against a awful team, thereby all but crushing any hope the team had of making the playoffs.

Lots of talent? Yes. Lots of disappointment? For sure. But what does it all mean for the organization? And just why did Steve Smith fall down two yards before the first down marker? Will the Time’s Yours Podcast last longer than the guy who coined the phrase, “time’s yours?”

Lee Russakoff and I break it all down.

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