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The List Of Things I’m Excited To See This Sixers Season

As you may well know, I’m a pretty big NBA fan, and a bigger Sixers fan. Last year was a dream, particularly after the season that came before it (I still dislike you Eddie Jordan).

December 9th (and then whenever the Sixers opener is) can’t get here soon enough.

And though last season ended with a loss, I’ll remember it for this shot:

* I’m excited to see Evan Turner’s jump shot.

* I’m excited to see Thad Young’s monster dunk on a fast break.

* I’m excited to see Lou Williams take a big shot that makes me say “oh no, what the FU … YES! YES! IT WENT IN!” (see video above)

* I’m excited to yell “Free Boosie” every time Mo Speights gets on the floor.

* I’m excited to see Andre Iguodala grab a rebound in the last minute of a game to complete a signature 11-10-10 triple double.

* I’m excited to see Doug Collins soaked in sweat during a post-game press conference as if he actually called a game.

* I’m excited to hear Tom McGinnis go absolutely apeshit over something that’s not really that big a deal.

* I’m excited to watch Elton Brand get three straight offensive rebounds and finally hit the shot with the foul. As well as seeing a hundred sweet Brand jumpers from 16 feet.

* I’m excited to hear Marc Zumoff bite his tongue when Eric Snow says something that doesn’t make sense or falls asleep.

* I’m going to catch a hot dog.

* Bothering Marshall Harris about who the evening’s stand-out star is going to be.

* I’m excited to watch Jrue Holiday do the “raise the roof” thing after a big shot, because he’s too young to know when it was popular the first time. Maybe like the shot he hit at the 2:51 mark of this:

* I’m excited to watch Jodie Meeks go off for 19 points in a random quarter, while I tweet “M33KS!” every time he hits a three.

* I’m excited to watch Spencer Hawes take an ill-advised three point shot in playoffs against the Heat that raises my rage level to Incredible Hulk levels. Wait, no, sorry, I’m not excited for that. Bad memory. What was he doing? Dude, you’re seven feet tall, go get a rebound and let Meeks shoot the threes.

* I’m excited to see that bald guy in the ridiculous sweaters who sits courtside.

* I’m excited for endless emails to Bob Cooney and Kate Fagan. As they put up with me, just because they know I mean well.

* I’m excited for the Sixers to beat a team they shouldn’t, followed by me screaming at the visiting team’s fans to get the f*ck out of the Wells Fargo Center.

* I’m pretty excited to boo Kobe Bryant.

* I’m excited to watch a team I know will work hard every game, get better, and make me proud to be a Philadelphia fan.

* The 5 seed (let me dream)

* Yelling “overrated” at Carmelo Anthony.

* Seeing the new mascot, so everyone can stop acting like it matters.

  • Alilerman23

    Great list!! I concur!! #ShowYaLove I can’t wait!!!

  • @mikebiff

    “signature 11,10,10 triple double” haha…. You know they’ll smoke a team they shouldn’t beat, then follow it up the next night by losing to the Pistons or Wizards. Fun/Frustrating

  • Max L.

    “signature 11,10,10 triple double”… on 23 shots, of course.

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