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I’ve Finally Given In To The Tim Tebow Story

I’m done fighting it. It’s more fun to believe. I’m all in on Tim Tebow.

As I watched the fourth quarter of last night’s game between the Broncos and the Jets, I thought to myself, “they’re going to find a way.” I was talking about the Broncos, and their much talked about, both overrated and underrated, quarterback Tim Tebow.

Even with 95 yards to go, down three points, I was pretty sure that the Broncos were going to score a touchdown and win that football game. And they did.

I wondered aloud, is there any starter in any sport, who is as bad at their primary function as a player as Tim Tebow is at throwing? He’s a quarterback who is terrible at throwing the football. It takes too long for him to get rid of the ball, he’s not accurate, his final passing stats always look mediocre at best. And they still win football games.

But this is not one of those situations where they just win in spite of him.

That final drive, when the Broncos took the lead, was Tebow’s drive. He ran, he passed, he got it done.

I know that he’s not the only player on the team. I know the defense is playing great. I know it’s not all Tebow. But there is something about that guy. There really is.

All of those cliches about Tebow, all just seem … true. He wills his team to win. He just finds a way to get it done. His players believe him. He’s one of those guys you want in a foxhole with you. He’s a gamer. 

Watching Tim Tebow is like watching a Disney movie about football. The quarterback who couldn’t throw. An inspiring story about the kid who won on heart alone.

For years, I’ve laughed at my friend Chris Johnson (@chrisjohnsonjr) about Tim Tebow. He’s always been such a fan, and I’ve always chuckled at him for it. “He’s not good at throwing the football, so he won’t be good in the NFL.” Chris would just repeat those cliches back to me, and I’d always laugh.

But I was wrong. Chris was right. This is fun. He almost makes me want to be religious.

People will tell me “he only completed nine passes.” And they will tell me “they can’t keep it up.” And I will just tell them, “I don’t care.”

I’m telling you, if you’re not having fun watching this, you’re missing out.

I don’t know what the limit on all of this is. I don’t know if they can make the playoffs or win the Super Bowl, or even win another game with Tim Tebow at quarterback. All of my football intellect says no, but all of my heart says “I don’t care.”

I want him to win because it’s fun to watch. I don’t care about the stats and I don’t care about his mechanics. Sports are about stats and mechanics, but they’re great and make us care because of the stories. This is a great story.

The quarterback who couldn’t throw won me over tonight. I hope Disney is watching.

  • Lenny

    Believe in Tebow. I got on the bandwagon when he was in college. As time goes by the hatred for that guy grows. I want him to win a Super Bowl.

  • Billy Wichterman

    Personally, I’ll never understand Tebow gets so many negative comments associated with his name. But that’s just me. I’ve watched most of his college games at UF and I’m glad he’s getting a chance to play in the NFL. As for all the negativity surrounding him, I think that will only help him attain his goal of being a Super Bowl Champion.. someday.


    Disney’s Grounded: The Quarterback Who Couldn’t Throw

    A tale of heart we’ll never know, of a Quarterback that couldn’t throw.
    Against all odds, and any foe, the one; the only, TIM TEBOW.

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