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Check Out Our New Advice Column, “Ask CraneKicker”

Art by Matt Mac

We’re glad to have CraneKicker on staff at You can follow him on Twitter @cranekicker. Email your advice questions to


Hello everyone. CK here. You probably know me from hit websites and publications such as Crane Kick Chronicles, T Mac As…, Zoo With Roy, the Huffington Post, Hot Clicks, Philly GameDay, El ObservadorUruguay and of course Twitter. For those of you who don’t know me, hello and congratulations on your first day on the internet! You are going to have so much fun on here.


By now you may be saying to yourself “Yeah I get it you’ve typed stuff on a blog before so has everyone what is the point of this post I came here for football picks and photoshop fun?”

I’m glad you asked.

Effective immediately, will be home to the world’s foremost digital advice column, hosted by yours truly and posted on a weekly basis entitled “Ask Cranekicker.” I will entertain questions and supply informative responses to any and all inquiries submitted by you, the reader (and/or my family). This is a great opportunity for each of you to ask whatever it is in the world you’d like and have an actual person provide you with….something. That’s it. Fun right?! Great let’s get to it.

Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions to address any initial concerns you may have.

Q: “Where can I send my question?”

A: – Add it to your contacts. I’m sure Spike’s webmaster will add an “Ask Cranekicker” link somewhere on the masthead too.

Craney's Uncle

Q: “Do I need a specific subject line?”

A: “Ask Cranekicker” should be fine so your emails don’t get lumped in with the ones from my Nigerian uncle. Dude is relentless about trying to send me money. It’s almost annoying.

Q: “Do I have to provide my name?”

A: No. You can call yourself whatever you’d like. I call myself Cranekicker. Actually I don’t call myself that at all but people on the internet do. Really dropped the ball on that initial Twitter setup thing.

Q: “What kind of questions can I ask?”

A: Pretty much whatever you’d like. Want to talk about sports? Go for it. Need a nice recipe for an upcoming dinner/key party? Fire away. Having girl problems? I feel bad for you son. Want my opinion on who would win in a fight? I love those.

Q: “Can you get Spike to listen to my demo?”

A: Stop it.

Q: “Why the hell would I want to ask you a question about anything?”

A: You just did.

Dear Abby Sucks

Q: “What’s in it for you?”

A: I like to interact with as many people as possible while meeting as few of them as possible.

Q: “Are you single?”

A: No. Sorry.

Q: “Can’t I just do this on Twitter?”

A: 140 characters won’t cut it. Plus I really prefer to keep my Twitter separate for things like nonsensical RT requests to celebrities and pictures of food. And Spike is unemployed and needs the traffic.

Q: “Will this advice column be more entertaining than this waste of time you just had me read?”

A: I promise.

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