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Top 10 Trades In Eagles History That Aren’t Picks For Picks


This week, Chris Johnson takes a look at the top ten Eagles trades ever, that weren’t for just draft picks for draft picks.

 #10Mark Simoneau for Donte Stallworth

Simoneau was so terrible.  Ditka must have still been the Saints coach and still wearing that Jamaican dreadlock wig to have made this trade.

#9 Billy McMullin for Hank Baskett

#8 Mike Bell for Jerome Harrison

Trades like these are why football trades are dumb.

#7 Chris Gocong and Sheldon Brown for Alex Hall and picks that they traded 3 or 4 times each so I’m not going to figure out who they picked because they’ve probably been cut already anyway

Sheldon Brown made that awesome tackle on Reggie Bush in the Eagles vs Saints playoff game that Jeff Garcia started but they lost.  It’s unconfirmed whether or not Alex Hall has ever recorded a tackle.

#6 Darwin Walker for Takeo Spikes and Kelly Holcomb

TKO and Jeremiah Trotter were like best friends on the field.  They both liked to kill people (on the field not like Ray Lewis) and were both pretty old and slow at that point.  Kelly Holcomb was set to be a legend in Philly as a backup quarterback who everyone preferred on the field over McNabb because Kelly Holcomb wasn’t Donovan McNabb.

#5 AJ Feeley for a 2nd round pick

Feeley played upwards of 3 good games for the Eagles then positioned himself on the sidelines for the entire next season before being traded to the Miami Dolphins for a 2nd round pick.  He was never really any good for the Dolphins but then neither was the guy we drafted, Reggie Brown.

#4 Brandon Whiting for Terrell Owens

Wait, what?  No wonder he only played one year for us.  Clearly the Eagles didn’t really value him because they only gave up Brandon Whiting.  Remember when he almost went to Baltimore but the Eagles hired a Philly-based arbitrator (pictured) to say that he can only get traded to the Eagles.

#3 1st, 4th and 6th round picks for Jason Peters

The Eagles are so much better at trading picks for good players than drafting players on their own.  Dude is a multi-time probowler (NFL all-star, not guy who hangs out in an alley throwing balls at pins) and the Bills picked Eric Wood (who?) with that 1st round pick.

#2 Kevin Kolb for Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie & a 2nd round pick

At this point in the season I should be used to spelling DRC’s name correctly.  Alas, he never gets on the field and when he does he doesn’t do anything noteworthy, so I’m still at the point in my relationship with DRC that I either just write DRC or google his name.

#1 Donovan McNabb for 2nd and 4th round picks

OH NO.  Hold on, I’ll get there.  But yikes.  So on Easter Sunday aka the day before HallaDAY Andy Reid traded Donovan to the Redskins in what one person calls the greatest trade of all time (Chris Cooley; idiot).  The Eagles got 2 picks back, a 2nd rounder and a 4th rounder.  The 2nd rounder they picked Nate Allen, who just this weekend intercepted the guy who took over for McNabb when he was benched last season.  The 4th rounder, wait for it, was traded for a later 4th rounder.  That later 4th rounder turned out to be Casey Matthews aka “The Ghost of Donovan,” as I’ve recently (30 seconds ago) coined him.

Chris Johnson is the Promotions Director for 94WIP and co-host of What’s The Word on Phillies 24/7. You can find him on Twitter @chrisjohnsonjr.

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