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The Philly Sports 8====D Guide

I figured we needed this.

The state of Philadelphia sports has reduced me to this today.

Andy Reid Press Conferences: 8=D

Making Fun Of Andy Reid Press Conferences: 8======D

The Phillies Regular Season: 8==========D

The Phillies Postseason: 8=D

Charlie Manuel: 8=====D

Charlie Manuel’s Managing: 8==D

Doug Collins: 8=====D

Peter Laviolette: 8=====D

Peter Laviolette’s Timeouts: 8==========D

Andy Reid: Time 8===D

Andy Reid’s Timeouts: Sorry, none left.

Shane Victorino: 8====D

Shane Victorino’s Twitter: 8=D

Jason Babin: 8==D

Jason Babin’s Stats: 8=====D

Hunter Pence: 8====D

Hunter Pence’s Twitter: 8======D

The Eagles August 1st: 8===D

The Eagles September 1st: 8========D

The Eagles October 1st: 8=D

The Eagles October 15th: 8

Ryan Howard: 8=====D

Ryan Howard’s Contract: 8=D

John Bolaris: 8==D

John Bolaris’ Twitter: 8==============D

Philadelphia Union: 8===D

Sons Of Ben: 8====D

Sons Of Ben Tailgates: 8======D

The Day After Sons Of Ben Tailgates: 8D

Juan Castillo The Person: 8========D

Juan Castillo The Defensive Coordinator: 8=D

Eagles Beat Writers Writing: 8====D

Eagles Beat Writers Fistfights: 8========D

Let me know what I forgot in the comments.


  • dmc0603

    my opinion of this article:


  • Scotch Man

    This post: –

  • shmeelz

    Joe Buck & Tim McCarver 8=D
    Franzke & LA 8=======D

    • Spike Eskin

      Agree with the Franzke and LA props!

  • IWIC3

    I must say.. this makes me smile. LOL

    • _mattmac

      IWIC3 tweets: 8D

  • Matt

    Mo Speights The Player: 8=D
    Mo Speights’ Twitter: 8==========D ~

    • Spike Eskin


  • Drpthy1

    Troy Aikman and Joe Buck 8=================D

    • Spike Eskin

      I agree in theory, I think that might be a bit long though.

  • Fantasource

    Sarge saying “continued success” 8================================D
    Wheels saying “no double defense” 8=D

    • Spike Eskin

      Total agreement here.

  • Pmac9102

    Chase Utley the Legend 8=========D
    Chase Utley the Reality 8==D

    • Spike


  • Yelloworange

    Philadelphia Flyers 8===D
    Having to care about the Flyers 8=D

    Nnamdi Asomugha as a person 8=======D
    Nnamdi Asomugha tackling 8==D

  • CK

    Mike Mamula at a bar 8============D
    Mike Mamula on a football field (II)

  • Al

    Mike Richards thinking about Olde City 8=============D

    Mike Richards thinking about Dry Island 8=D

  • Fantasource

    Macho Row 8===========================D
    Gang Green 8=====================D
    Dry Island 8=D

  • CK

    Jeff Garcia 8========D
    AJ Feeley 8=======D
    Mike McMahon 8D

  • Christiankwest

    The Sixers: 8===D
    The Sixers attendance: 8=D

  • PhillyRon

    Juan Castillo should be: D8 You know, some folks wet they balls. LOL

  • Mistermidnight08

    Spike you are a master.

    How you’ve taken over the simple task of arranging equal signs, capital D’s, and eights and turned it into an art form is simply genius.


  • Vincent Heck

    This is the funniest post I’ve read all day. haha

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