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The Flyers Last Superstar, Eric Lindros

Eric Lindros will once again play hockey in Philadelphia.

After weeks of rumors, Lindros confirmed on a Canadian radio station that he’ll play in the alumni game at the Winter Classic on December 31st at Citizen’s Bank Park.

This is the most exciting news I’ve heard so far concerning the Winter Classic (though the $37.50 ticket service fee is pretty exciting). It might be the most exciting thing that’s happened with the 2011 Flyers (with the acquisition of Bryzgalov coming in second).

The reaction to the return of Lindros confirms one thing; Eric Lindros is a superstar. One of those guys that has “it.” He’s a rock star on skates. There’s a very big difference between a great player and a superstar. Lindros is clearly the latter, and the Flyers haven’t had one since he left.

I’m not pretending to be a hockey expert, or a Flyers die-hard. I’m far from either. But I do know superstars. I know that for an alumni game to get this much talk, means Lindros is something special.

The superstar label is hard to put into words, but clear to see. The last superstar the Sixers had was Allen Iverson. Before that, it was Charles Barkley. Michael Vick is clearly a superstar, but Donovan McNabb was not. Terrell Owens and DeSean Jackson are superstars, but Jeremy Maclin is not. It’s the oh-so-subtle difference that lets you know that Cliff Lee is, and Roy Halladay is not.

A lot of times superstars are under-fire as much as they’re praised, but either way there’s talk. Talk about them on and off the field (or court, or ice).

He never won the Stanley Cup. His rookie cards were most valuable when he was a rookie. But Eric Lindros hasĀ it, and it’ll be good to see him again.


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