The 8====D Week In Sports: Shane, Ronnie and The NBA

I will let it be known that Lee Russakoff convinced me that I should do this every week. The question became; is it better to be known for something stupid, or not known at all? I think this pretty much shows what I think the answer to that question is.


Finding out Ronnie Brown got traded: 8======================D

Finding out we had to take him back: 8=D

(it seems inappropriate to include Jerome Harrison in this rating system, so I’ll just say that the trade being voided was clearly for the best and I wish him a speedy, successful recovery)

The Sixers new owners press conference: 8=====D

The Sixers lowering ticket prices: 8=====D

The Sixers new owners press conference sound system: 8==D

The fact that there are no games to buy tickets for anyway: 8=D

The owners and players having extensive meetings to end the lockout: 8===D

The owners and players mind blowingly stupid decision to end the talks: 8=D

The Flyers game against Ottawa: 8==========D

The Flyers game against the Kings: 8==D

The Flyers game against the Capitals: 8=D

The NBA lockout forcing me to pay more attention to the NHL: 8=D

The Eagles beating the Redskins: 8====D

The fact that the Eagles are 2-4 after that win: 8=D

The Eagles assertion that “dirt in his eye” made Michael Vick lie on the ground twitching: 8=D

Philadelphia Union making the MLS playoffs: 8=========D

Philadelphia Union inking a deal with WIP to air games: 8======D

Philadelphia Union’s game against the Red Bulls: 8=D

The Shane Victorino vs. mean fans vs. Crossing Broad vs. everyone else Twitter Discussion: 8==D (at least it gave us something to talk about)

The World Series going on without the Phillies: 8=D

Your truly,

Spike 8====D

  • Jason

    I finally see now the bigger 8====D’s are better than the shorter ones. Just figured that out.

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