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Someone Please Save Us From Ourselves

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I knew with the Phillies finished earlier than we figured, and with the Eagles finished perhaps after week 4, the sports climate in Philadelphia was probably in trouble. I didn’t know it would be this bad though.

I woke up to a group discussion on Twitter about whether or not Flyers fans were inappropriately booing Sidney Crosby as he appeared on a cancer PSA during a Flyers game at the Wells Fargo Center.

Read that again.

A discussion about whether or not it was ok for Flyers fans to boo Sidney Crosby. Then we had to get into that whole “the press isn’t fair to Philadelphia fans” bit. As if it matters.

Later, in the car, I heard both sports talk radio stations in town interview some guy who held up some poorly worded, barely clever sign about Andy Reid at the Novacare complex. The big controversy here was that Evan Mathis and Jason Kelce objected to a giant sign at their practice facility suggesting their coach be fired. And they may or may not have been told to take their sign down. The horror. How could they ever?

As if dissenting opinions about Andy Reid and Eagles fans with grammar and anger issues is something new. I can’t believe the Eagles might want that sign taken down either.

This follows up careful dissection of a Ruben Amaro press conference. As if he’s said anything truthful (rightly or wrongly) to us about player personnel moves in the last three years.

Ryan Howard rode a scooter in Whole Foods! Or he didn’t! Or he did! Or maybe it was last year. Either way, even with that torn ruptured Achilles, he should have been taking extra batting practice or watching tape or something.

And you didn’t think we’d miss the Sixers. Even if you rank the Sixers as your fourth of your 4-f0r-4, tell me a discussion about whether or not the current trade rumor for Iguodala was legit, or if Evan Turner can play the small-forward spot wouldn’t be more interesting than these stories. It’d be something.

This is only the first week. It could get pretty bad around here. The Flyers’ fast start will be an interesting story until we remember their fast start last season, and the fact that the playoffs are a half year away.

Union soccer? A lot of fun, but still miles from the mainstream.

We need sports around thess parts. We’re drama queens, and the hometown teams provide the drama. As most drama queens do, if there’s nothing really dramatic, we’ll make soemthing out of nothing. We’ve got four radio station frequencies, two newspapers and seven million blogs to fill.

I don’t know if I can take an entire winter of this. What will it be tomorrow? Where does Giroux do his grocery shopping?


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