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Ronnie Brown Just Fumbled On Purpose, And The Dumbest NFL Plays I’ve Ever Seen

I couldn’t believe my eyes.

I tweeted the first thing that came to mind.

That’s what I saw. I saw Ronnie Brown hit the pile, and throw the ball backwards on to the ground. He threw it. He didn’t fumble it. He threw it at the ground. I must have missed something, I figured I’d give it a second until I saw the replay. Let’s see.


Yep, he definitely threw the ball. Maybe he was trying to throw a lateral. I’m not sure who he was throwing it to, but it seemed to be the worst timed, most poorly executed lateral in the history of pro football. I further analyzed on Twitter.

Maybe that would explain it.

I mean, look at it, over and over again.

.gif courtesy of

Brown later told Derrick Gunn of Comcast Sportsnet that it was a designed run/pass option, and he was trying to throw it to Owen Schmitt.

You know, while falling down. Without being able to see him. In the middle of the pile. On the goal line. No big deal.

I’ve spent all day (I’m writing this late on Sunday), trying to come up with something that might be as insane as Brown throwing that ball away. I’ve come up with a few options.

Leon Lett Fumbling While Showboating in Super Bowl XXVII – This was really dumb. If you’ll remember, the Cowboys were playing the Bills in the Super Bowl, and were crushing them. In the 4th quarter, Leon Lett recovered a fumble and had the end zone in his sights. As he got closer, he held the ball out as if to say, “HAHAHA, SCREW YOU GUYS, I’M SCORING!” Don Beebe caught him, and knocked the ball out of his hands.

Verdict: Though this is very dumb, it is not dumber than Brown’s toss. I can imagine what Lett was thinking at the time. I can conceive of thinking that way.

Leon Lett Jumping On The Ball On Thanksgiving, 1993 – The Cowboys were up 14-13 on the Miami Dolphins, and blocked a field goal in the final minute. Lett jumped on the ball and ruined everything.

Verdict: I can also conceive of what Lett was thinking. Not dumber than Brown.

Desean Jackson Throwing The Ball Away vs. Dallas, 2008 – You remember this one. Desean’s rookie year, headed toward the end zone. As he got close, he threw the ball away. He just threw it away before he got to the end zone.

Verdict: Very stupid. Just completely thoughtless. I can still conceive of doing this more than I can conceive of what Brown did. Brown’s was dumber.

Plaxico Burress Spiking A Live Ball, 2001 – Burress catches a ball, and thinks he’s down, and spikes the ball. Problem was, nobody touched him. The other team (the Jaguars) recover the fumble.

Verdict: This one’s easy. It’s boneheaded for sure, but he thought he was down. It’s not dumber.

What’d I miss? What’s dumber?


  • O.

    Pure Comedy. Pure Comedy. And the best part about it is this: Now Fat Andy can say, “well we tried to run the ball…and look what happened”

  • Joe Cimino

    DeSean Jackson trying to do a handstand on the football as he crossed the endzone and fumbling? TWICE! (Once in college, once in the NFL)… I wish he’d stop DJackulating…

  • Nickt

    easy the dumbest play ever is…Jake Plummer left handed throw in his own end zone, remember Jake was right handed, so it immediately looked what you would expect when you throw with your non-dominant hand…a little fluff ball straight to a LB for an easy INT for TD.

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