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Time’s Yours Podcast: Is The Eagles Season Over?

I had Lee Russakoff (follow @LeeRussakoff) on the first Spike Eskin Dot Com Show this morning. We talked about whether the Eagles have any chance to save the season, and if Andy Reid can save his job.

Click “Read The Full Story” to listen to the podcast.

Lee’s best suggestion for a podcast name was “Spikeadelphia,” which Chris Johnson wanted this site to be called. I’m still taking suggestions.

Leave them in the comments if you’ve got one.

**UPDATE: Podcast has been named “Time’s Yours”**

  • Mike Ostrich

    Great first po

  • pat fisher

    you should name your podcast “Is the Eagles Season Over?”

  • Ksedominates

    I’m so happy this is back. Call the podcast “The Gold Standard”

  • Scottyknows226

    Spikeadelphia is good…

    How bout… Spiked

    Or… The Better Eskin Podcast! … lol

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