Photoshop Fun: Shane Victorino’s Offseason Activities

There’s been a lot of talk about Shane Victorino’s activities since the Phillies got bounced from the playoffs. Matt Mac (@_mattmac) has the official pictures.

 Shane, as you may expect, has been playing some golf.


Shane "Tiger" Victorino


He’s been working on his stage presence.

Shane "West Side Story" Victorino

He may have put on some pounds.

Shane "Sumo" Victorino

He’s been collecting some movie memorabilia.

Shane "Stormtroooper" Victorino

Shane’s gone on some safaris.


Shane "Adventurer" Victorino

Shane’s been trying out some new sports.

Shane "Quiddich" Victorino

Shane even broke his canoe out of storage.

Shane "White Water" Victorino

Shane’s been working on his dancing.

Shane "Hula" Victorino

Shane’s been relaxing and doing some fishing.

Shane "Small Mouthed" Victorino

Shane has… I don’t know. ET? Really Matt?

Shane "ET" Victorino

Did we mention the dancing?

Shane "Ballet" Victorino

  • Amie R. Hartnett

    Haha, the whitewater was my fave.

    Next, I’d like to see photoshopped pics of Ryan Howard in various ridiculous motorized vehicles carting his busted azz around iconic locations.

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