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NBA Owners And Players Want Guarantees In A World Without Them

You're both crazy, Spencer

In the current labor dispute in the NBA, the owners are trying to create a system that allows teams to be profitable, regardless of their market or how they’re run. Players want to continue to have guaranteed contracts, regardless of how they perform. And you wonder why they can’t come to an agreement.

Someone should inform them that if they don’t get their act together, and soon, they’ll have far bigger problems to worry about than guarantees.

In most walks of life, when you run a business poorly or in a market that can’t support it, your business does not survive. You lose money, and your company goes away.

In most walks of life, when you’re no longer producing at the rate you’re paid, you make less money or lose your job completely.

In the NBA, neither players nor owners want to live in a world where they’re held responsible for their actions. One we like to call “the real world.”

Owners are saying that the league is suffering financially, in large part due to large guaranteed contracts that teams are no longer able to afford. Especially when the player no longer is worth the money. Contracts they decided to offer. Contracts they had to sign in the same ink the players do.

Players are saying they want to continue to earn astronomical wages (highest average of any major sport), and want those wages guaranteed, regardless of how they perform.

When you see it all in print, it looks a little silly. Strike that. When you see it all in print, it all looks a lot silly.

As usual, the people who suffer the most will not be the billionaire owners or the millionaire players, it will be the fans.

But those owners and those players better be very careful organizing their dream land.

What both sides fail to see is that neither is guaranteed anything if we’re not watching. What the players and the owners tend to forget during their long meetings catered with steak dinners is that at the end of the day, is that it’s us holding the check book. If owners aren’t providing a good product at a fair price, and if players aren’t living up to their end of the bargain, they’re both in trouble. If those goes on too long, you’re going to lose the most important party in your bargaining, and that’s the fans.

The bargaining has predictably come down to pride and greed. I don’t have to tell you how that usually ends.



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