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My Suggestions For The New Sixers Owners

The new owners of our Philadelphia Sixers are looking for suggestions as to how to make the product better (at I decided to share the suggestions I made to them, with you.

I feel like I’ve been kind of like the head internet cheerleader for the Sixers for the last year or so. I’ve let you know everything I think about everything concerning the team. I thought it only made sense to share this with you as well.

I’m a big Sixers fan. I’m a season ticket holder. I’m glad you guys own the team. I reserve the right to change that opinion at some point, but as of now you’re a breath of fresh air. Mostly because it seems like you care. 

Last season was a lot of fun. Doug Collins helped bring life to the team, and the franchise, and in turn helped us get excited. The players deserve a lot of credit for playing as hard as they did, as often as they did, and Doug deserves credit for getting them to do it. I’m excited for the future.

In any case, you guys asked for suggestions, and here’s what I’ve got for you:

* I’m putting this first, because it’s the most important: please bring us a winner. I don’t mean you have to a win a championship, though that would be nice. I know that’s tough. I just want to watch our team and know they’re winners. Guys that play with a winning attitude and care as much as we do. Last year was a great first step.

I know you’ve slashed ticket prices and promised a better game night experience. That’s great. But what I’ve learned in my years here (most of my life) is that people value their time more than anything. More than money. The fact is, I often times have trouble getting people to go to Sixers games with me for free. It doesn’t matter if tickets are a dollar, if people don’t care, they won’t come, and they won’t watch. If you want them to care, you need to give them a winner. The ultimate attraction in the game-night experience is the game, and our team. Make us proud to be there. 

* People in charge of player personnel know player personnel better than I do. I’ll refrain from saying “keep this guy” or “trade that guy.” That said, my first request is that you let Doug Collins and Rod Thorn do their jobs and see this through. I don’t know how long that means, I’m just saying I believe they deserve a chance to figure this out. But don’t even think about trading Jrue Holiday. Just kidding. But seriously. 

* Please take the mics off the rims. I don’t know what it adds, and when the place isn’t full, it kind of sounds ridiculous. 

* Lower the lights on the crowd, but keep the lights on the court during play. I was at a game once and it was like that, and I thought it was awesome. It made me feel like I was at a real event. Almost like a concert or a movie. 

* About the in-game audio, tone it down. All of it. Too many “de-fense” chants that no one cheers along with. If you use those at more opportune times, more people will cheer. Take the music during game play down several notches too. And whatever that one with the fast clapping is, stop using that one. 

* The intros during the playoffs last year were great. If there’s a time to be loud and make a big deal out of something, it’s during player intros.  

* There’s been a lot of talk about Hip Hop, and whether he should continue to be the mascot. I don’t care. Really, I don’t. If the team is good, we’ll have to worry about the mascot less. I do know that the gentleman who plays Hip Hop works very hard, and is very good at his job. So if you’re going to change the mascot, at least let him be that mascot. 

* Please keep Carlton Cam. I don’t know why. Just keep it. 

* I want you to try and get new fans. I know I want people to be fans of the Sixers again. While you’re doing that, please don’t forget about the ones who are already here. The ones who were buying tickets before you slashed the prices. 

* Get the Sixers a bigger locker room. Those guys are huge and their locker room is tiny. Having seen the Eagles, Phillies and Flyers locker rooms, the one the Sixers have is disproportionately small. I don’t think people would ever believe the locker room could be that small. 

* On dollar dog nights, please make sure they also still serve baked chicken sandwiches. That drives me crazy when they don’t. I don’t want a hot dog, I want a chicken sandwich. 

* Keep the uniforms exactly the same. 

* Finally, should you decide you just need me to work for the team, we should talk. Everyone already thinks I work for you anyway. 

Good luck, I’m cheering for you. 

Oh yeah, one more thing. SETTLE THE LABOR THING NOW. None of this means anything without basketball.

Your Friend,


** Because a few people have asked, I’ll mention that I did note in the original letter that I didn’t need the free tickets being offered, and I just want to be heard. **


  • Steve McGill Design

    “Keep the uniforms exactly the same”

    I love that they went back to the red, blue and white color scheme, but the uni’s are almost clones of the LA Clippers uniform. The idea was good, but it just wasn’t executed right. Even if they replicated the 80’s uni’s, that would be a huge step up.

    • Spike Eskin

      If there’s someone I would trust about this, it’s you Mr McGill. I just like the general feel of them I guess. Clean, old school.

      • Steve McGill Design

        I agree with you though, the clean / old school look is perfect, there is just some little things that could of been done to make them even better. I might have to turn this into a project. You just know how to bring out the creativity in me Spike, haha.

        Also the “Carlton Cam”, might be the best thing ever created!

  • Matt

    love it

  • CrazyCurt

    I agree with everything…. most importantly is winning basketball. Not neccessarily a Championship but we will settle for good performance in playoffs & the feeling that our team has a shot to win it.(although that might be more of an NBA problem) The pressure for championship will with repeated playoff consistencey ….and yes, The Carlton Cam rocks!

  • William Proctor

    Home run

  • Boonie

    Nailed it. Although I’d go back to the 1980s unis. Timeless.

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