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Get On That Bike Dad, Time To Pay The Piper

I lost a bet to my dad earlier this year, and I’ll be paying up for the next three. It’s your turn, dad.

In case you missed it, Howard Eskin (my dad) promised that he would ride a bike from Philadelphia to San Francisco if the Eagles lost to the 49ers. For proof, you can listen to the audio HERE.
The Eagles self-destructed (as you know) and blew a big 4th quarter lead (again) and lost.

Dad, this is the only way to make it better.

After arguably the worst regular season loss of the Andy Reid era. In the third of three consecutive 4th quarter collapses, we need something to make us feel better. And that’s you keeping your word and hopping on that bike.

We need this.

I’m not asking you to do it alone. I’ll get in a car and follow you there. I’ll make sure you get medical attention, food, and drink. I’ll keep the old ladies from honking at you as you slowly clog their left lane. But you gotta do it.

You’ve got to make it right.

I bet my father earlier this year that the Miami Heat would win the NBA Championship. If they didn’t (which as you know, they didn’t), I was to call Lebron James “Lefraud” for the next three years. I’m doing it.

Dad, seriously, get on the bike.

Share this sentiment. Comment and show your support.

Dad, you don’t have to do this just because you lost the bet. You have to do it because an entire city needs you to save us from ourselves.

Make it right, get on the bike.

  • Amie R. Hartnett

    yeah, get on the bike already! (but, uh, you might want some cushy padded pants first…that ride is gonna crush yr nuts!)

    • Anonymous

      We will get him supplies.

  • John

    Get on the bike. It’s the only thing that will help us now.

    • Anonymous

      We need it.

  • Susan

    Love it. Get on the bike Howard !

  • Joe Cimino

    I don’t think they make bike helmets in that size… That said, either way, we all win. It’ll be documented that he spews words like a busted water main, OR he could regain some respect from those of us who think this anyway. Hey, he’s unemployed anyhow, right? Plenty of time… stay on ‘im, Spike! Who’s the LeFraud NOW?

    • Anonymous

      We’ll get him an extra large helmet

  • RCori

    Get on that Schwinn and ride!

    • Anonymous


  • Joe Lebano

    If you don’t want to saddle up, then get Reid replaced. I think the Eagles fans would be on your side and we’d convince Spike to back down.

  • BT

    make it for charity I heard the comments on the Gary Radnich show and when we won it was one of the first things I thought of.
    there’s got to be a worthy cause out there in Philly and in SF that deserves this sort of attentionn

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Go easy on Dad. His exact words were “I’ll take a bike from Philadelphia to San Francisco.” So have him fly first class and pay extra freight to take his bike to San Francisco.

    • Anonymous

      Him doing one of those “exact words” cop outs is not what we need here dude.

  • @_mattmac

    This needs to be documented by a professional photographer with stills and video….*ahem*

  • Dusty Cayssials

    turn it into a fundraiser for his favorite charity.

  • Myearssss

    the reason i tune in to 97.5 so i do not have to hear his crap

  • Alex

    He won’t do it, he’s about as incompetent as it gets when it comes to reporting news and even worse at predicting anything. He’ll find a way to wuss out. GO NINERS!!!!

  • JimmyScoops

    Get on a bicycle, Howard! You’ll earn a lot of points from the haters AND give Philly sports fans a better reputation by doing this. And yes, you could raise a TON of money for charity. Think of what it will do for your legacy. You’ve got to do this!

  • Jollywood81

    As a Niners fan I’m glad to see that the underDOGS finally bit Mike Vick back, get on the damn bike and ride until you bleed red and gold…Dream Team huh? Dreaming Team maybe…

  • chpkev

    Go ride! Go Niners!

  • Mike

    According to Google maps it would take 11 days and 13 hours on a bike.

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