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Fire Andy Reid! The Top 10 Coaches That Eagles Fans Want Instead Of Big Red

What would an Eagles season be without calling for Andy Reid’s head? Chris Johnson takes a look at the top ten guys that Eagles fans want in place of Reid.

#10 Rich Kotite – Eagles fans are at the point where they’ll take anyone over Andy Reid.  ANYONE.  @DarrenRovell did a poll on Twitter after the game yesterday and with 672 votes, 430 responders said they’d rather have Kotite lead this team than Reid (note: this didn’t happen).

#9 Urban Meyer – Wait, the guy who won a ton of National Championships at Florida, is exciting on the sidelines, and didn’t yet take the PSU job is available?  If he won in college he can win in the pros, right?  GET HIM NOW.

#8 John Harbaugh – Of all of the coaches from Andy Reid’s ‘tree’, Harbaugh has seen the most success lately.  He’s been to the playoffs each of his 3 years as head coach in Baltimore and plays the smash mouth style of defense that Philadelphians have been salivating for the past few years.  Yea, he’s under contract, but who cares… figure out a way to get him back here.

#7 Juan Castillo – I mean, anything to get him out of the Defensive Coordinator role, right?  Follow this thinking: If Castillo is the head coach, then they could hire a new D-Coordinator.  Who’s with me!?

#6 Rob Ryan – Son of Eagles legendary coach Buddy and twin brother of NY Jets coach Rex, Rob Ryan is quite possibly the most visible Defensive Coordinator in the league.  After years roaming the Raiders and Browns sidelines, Rob Ryan is now in our division, firing up the Cowboys D.  It would be doubly great (yes, doubly) to have a Ryan back at the helm and to steal him from the Cowboys.

#5 Jim Mora Jr – Once Sean McDermott was ousted this past January the biggest name on the list of potential Defensive Coordinators was Jim Mora Jr.  The former Atlanta Falcons (with Vick) and Seattle Seahawks head coach was thought to be all but signing a contract when he decided to test the waters and talk to Denver and Tennessee about other coaching vacancies.  Mora added fuel to the fire this past Sunday while announcing the game for FOX.  Multiple times Mora preached protecting the football and minimizing mistakes.  The Eagles did neither, and Mora looks like a genius.

#4 Jeff Fisher – The former Oilers/ Titans head coach and Eagles defensive coordinator is now a coaching free agent.  Once fired this past winter, Eagle fans were calling for Reid to name him the Defensive Coordinator before he went the route of his O-Line coach.  4 games into the season the Eagles D can’t stop anyone.  4 games into the season fans don’t just want Fisher as the D-Coordinator, but now the head coach.

#3 Tony Dungy – If you don’t recall, it was Dungy who played a large role in ushering Michael Vick to Philly after his federal prison sentence.  Dungy spent a good amount of time with Vick and convinced the Eagles brass to take a chance on him.  Vick rewarded the team by being the most electric player in the league few years.  Dungy brought this team Vick, why couldn’t he bring them a championship.  You’ll see with these next few names a common denominator is that they are fresh in fans minds, being visible every weekend on ESPN, CBS or NBC.

#2 Bill Cowher – This season is Andy Reid’s 13th roaming the sidelines in Philadelphia.  He’s won a ton of NFC East titles and been to one Super Bowl.  His path is extremely similar to the man Eagles fans would love to take over this team.  Bill Cowher.  It took Cowher 14 seasons to lead his team to a Super Bowl win, having won his division 8 times and leading them to one prior Super Bowl, a loss to the Cowboys.  Cowher’s been rumored to take over every team from Dallas to Washington to Miami to Penn State.  You’d have to believe that Eagles fans would give Cowher as long a leash as any in giving him time to reach the ultimate goal.

#1 Jon Gruden – The former Eagles offensive coordinator has been the most common answer when fans start to protest for a new coach.  He’s tough, he’s won a Super Bowl and he’s been very visible the past few years on Monday Night Football.  Personally, I don’t think Gruden is the right guy for the job.  He won the Super Bowl with a Bucs team that was built by Tony Dungy.  After the SB Gruden’s Bucs went downhill fast.


 Chris Johnson is the promotions director for 94WIP, and co-host of What’s The Word on Phillies 24/7. Follow him on Twitter @chrisjohnsonjr.

  • Taz

    Replace him with Fisher or Gruden. Would love either over Reid.

  • Ron

    But if you hire Gruden then he can do great things with the team that Reid built for him. After that, he’ll get you a top 10 pick every other year.

  • Chris Johnson

    We’d still all take 10 losing years if they win the Super Bowl once, right? A top 10 pick every year is great, as long as they get the trophy.

  • Curt

    There were 23 new Buc players on that SB team. The Glazers dismantled that team, not John Gruden. I’m a Tampa Bucs fan.

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