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Eagles Fans Using “I Don’t Care” As A Rallying Cry

The Phillies are in the midst of a playoff run that will (hopefully) last a few more weeks. The Eagles are mired in a disaster of a three game losing streak. Philadelphians are saying “we don’t care about the Eagles.” That’s not really what we mean.

Generally, if someone takes the time to say “I don’t care,” that’s not how they feel.

Think about a TV show you don’t like or a restaurant you don’t enjoy eating at. Walk around talking about how much you don’t care? Take some time out of your day to talk about just how much you don’t care about True Blood? Not me. Not unless I feel betrayed and I want to make a point of it.

Eagles fans are hurt and betrayed, ┬átired of expressing our outrage in the form of anger. We’re exhausted. Can’t yell or scream or cry anymore. Years of “close but no cigar,” a season full of promise that’s turn into a complete disaster has taken its toll.

Philadelphia sports fans have something to distract us from the dreadful Eagles season that we’ve been forced to endure. The Phillies are a welcome, fun, exciting distraction. Not just a distraction, but a team that’s become more important to us every season since that first NL East title to start this run in 2007.

By telling the Eagles that we don’t care because we’ve got the Phillies, we’re pointing out to the Eagles just how we want sports to feel. How the Phillies make us feel is what we want.

But like a vacation in the middle of a tough year at work, eventually the vacation will end, and the reality of our jobs will return.

And that’s what the Eagles feel like right now. They feel like a job we have to go to. They feel like a failing relationship that we want to try anything to revive. We’re tired of fighting though, so apathy is the last resort.

We as Eagles fans are at the end of our ropes, and we’re willing to try anything. Here’s to hoping that “I don’t care” will make the team realize how much we really do.


  • N3M3S1S 357

    I thought apathetic was synonymous with “Eagles fan”? In any case, it’s kinda like when you were a kid and you got made fun of for some reason. Your instant retort was “Whatever, I don’t care!” which let them know it bothered you terribly. But like you said, at least we have the Phillies to make us smile.. for now. Feels bad, man.

  • FullyCuttered

    Whats sad is we were that way in that photo, and notice the Jerseys Brown, Westbrook McNabb, Bradley, same feelings different October…

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