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Addicted To The Rush Of The Phillies Postseason

I hesitate to even write the words, but ignoring it won’t make it go away. After Friday night, the Phillies season may be over.

I think the Phils are in good shape for the game. Game five at home, with the best pitcher in baseball on the mound, and a determined bulldog of a pitcher I might add, gives me some confidence. I’m excited as hell for it. This is what it’s all about. But there is the real chance that they’ll lose.

But it’s not the the fact that the Phillies may lose that bothers me the most.

What I’ll really miss is that rush that the games bring me.

Winning is great, but the tension along the way is the real thrill. The bottom of the 9th, ahead 3-2 with a man on second and two outs is the feeling I can’t get enough of. Down 3-2 in the same situation, everything riding on every pitch, I get the same feeling. The finish line is fine, but the journey is where the memories are made.

The problem with winning and losing is that either way, they’re both the end.

And the problem with Friday’s Phillies game, is if they lose, it’s the end.

  • Fantasource

    Vegas likes our chances, and so do I. Halladay is a -180 favorite. The ride will continue for one more round (at least).

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